How to Get Rid of Yellow Stains on Teeth?


Beautiful and white teeth are the basis of an attractive smile. And it looks repulsive when they are unsightly, cracked or have some yellowness. What is the reason for the yellow stains on teeth? How to eliminate it?

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Unpleasant spots on the enamel can be found both in children and adults. Several of the most widespread causes of yellow enamel are among the following:

  • yellow stains on teeth after bracesSmoking. People who are addicted to nicotine for many years, have the color of yellowness on their teeth. It is dark, sometimes even light brown.
  • Sweet tooth. Sugar is a favorable environment for the development of bacteria and plaque on the teeth. Products of bacterial metabolism spoil and corrode tooth enamel. Its surface layer becomes thinner, more transparent. Therefore, the dentin is visible, and it has a natural yellow tint.
  • Food coloring. If a person often drinks sweet and colorful soda sparkling drinks, the dentin will darken even with sticking to regular hygiene. Tea, coffee, sweet carbonated drinks, red wine are very harmful for your teeth. Excessive use of these products will give your teeth a persistent brown shade.
  • Age. A person in his 60s rarely has his natural teeth colored in white.
  • Heredity. When both parents have yellow teeth by nature, their children have a very high risk of inheritance of such a feature.
  • Diseases of teeth. If a person is having different oral cavity ailments, for example caries, it will quickly destroy them and make yellow.
  • Drugs. Taking some drugs contributes to the appearance of yellowness on the chewing organs. For example, drinking iron wine is often prescribed while a patient is having an anemia. If it is not drunk through a straw, the enamel will become yellowish, light brown. Iron destroys it very quickly.
  • Braces. Sometimes the teeth become unpleasant color after wearing braces. Luckily, yellow stains on teeth after braces is quite common think and pretty easy to get rid of.

If you have yellow teeth, you should seek the advice of a dentist, especially if we are talking about the front ones. It is likely, that a cause is the beginning of the disease. Also, do not ignore the unpleasant colored teeth of your kid, as if baby teeth will still fall out. This phenomenon can adversely affect the formation of permanent ones of your children.

How to Diminish Yellowish Spots on Teeth?

yellow stuff on teethIf the dentist has not revealed serious diseases after the examination of oral cavity of a patient and after listening to all his complaints, it is likely that he will recommend you a professional cleaning of the cavity. This procedure and whitening are completely different. Cleaning is the qualitative removal of plaque, or tartar. The teeth go back to their natural color after such treatment. It would be very thoughtful of a patient to carry out this procedure every 12 months or even more frequently.

It is possible to have your teeth whitened at the dentist’s. Today many options for its implementation exist. However, you can remove yellow stains on teeth near gums and slightly lighten your teeth yourself. Here are some recommendations:

  1. yellow stains on teeth near gumsProfessional whitening toothpastes. These will assist you to lighten up the yellow plaque very deliberately. It will give some natural whiteness to the chewing organs. The main thing is that such paste can be bought in your local drugstore. These pastes cannot be used all the time and every day. One month in every six months will be enough.
  2. Replacing the brush with a tougher one. If a person uses a soft toothbrush, it may clean out the yellow plaque excessively gently. But the new harsh toothbrush cannot be used all the time to avoid increasing the sensitivity of the teeth. A hard brush causes injuries to the enamel.
  3. Baking soda. Every three or four days, before using toothpaste, apply some soda in your brush and then to the teeth, slightly pressing on them. Yellow stuff on teeth will be eliminated after several procedures.
  4. Activated carbon. It also helps to eliminate yellow spots. Squish the pill and apply it onto the teeth. Don’t forget to wash your mouth with big amount of water.
  5. Apples and carrots. Hard fruits, vegetables contribute to the well-being of the jaw. Eating veggies you will see that your spots are going away. If you eat at least an apple per day, you’ll soon forget you ever had any yellowness.

Thoughtful care of your teeth with high-quality pastes, suitable toothbrushes and regular preventive visits to the doctor will help you to avoid the trouble of yellow plaque.

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