Yellow Plaque on Tongue – Is It a Sign of Illnesses?


Such a problem as yellow coating on tongue indicate a common violation of the natural healthy color of the tongue, which speaks both about violations in the oral cavity and about malfunctions in the body. In this case, if you notice a yellow tongue, the cause of its appearance may be sudden, and may entail a long course of treatment.

Therefore, only a competent specialist can answer the question why the tongue is yellow.

Causes and Symptoms

As soon as you have noticed yellow coating on tongue, you should consult a doctor, as the causes of its formation can be hidden in the work of internal organs, as well as in the reaction of the mucous membrane to external stimuli. The most common reasons are:

  1. yellow plaque on tongue causesIndigestion;
  2. Early stage of pancreatic and liver disease;
  3. Side effect of vitamins and antibiotics;
  4. Angina;
  5. Clogging of the bile ducts.

Each of these reasons can only be a direction for further research. Sometimes, they occur simultaneously, while the tongue consistently retains the density of the yellow plaque and its location, not reacting to treatment attempts. In addition to visual changes, the main symptom will be bad breath, persisting even with regular cleaning of teeth and rinsing the mouth.

Diagnosis and Treatment

It is quite easy to notice the yellow coating on back of tongue without the help of a doctor. However, further action will require strict clinical supervision.

The following actions will be effective only in the case of simultaneous treatment of the main cause of the yellow coating on back of tongue. Otherwise, only the symptom will be removed, which will appear again after some time.

The first thing to do is to be examined by a laryngologist, gastroenterologist and allergist with passing of all necessary tests and determining of the root cause of the problem. If the stuff appeared due to the use of some medications, then another drug is prescribed. However, in most cases this is not enough, and the following procedures are prescribed:

  • yellow plaque on tongue treatmentBrush your tongue with a soft toothbrush two or three times a day. It is necessary to use the bristles, not the reverse side of the brush with a ribbed surface.
  • Reduce the use of smoked, fatty and spicy foods. Replace them with cottage cheese, kefir and fermented baked milk;
  • Lubricate the tongue with peach, sea buckthorn or rose oil using a cotton swab;
  • If you have problems with the liver and gallbladder, it is recommended to take a course of choleretic drugs or herbal decoctions;
  • In case of digestive disorders doctors recommend to clean the intestines with enemas or laxatives.

Another thing to do is to monitor the general state of the tongue. A good sign will be a change in color from pronounced yellow to dull grayish shade. This process sometimes takes a lot of time. It can take about 2 to 4 weeks, even if the root cause of the plaque at that time was completely eliminated.

If the effect is not observed even after the course of treatment, it is necessary to undergo a re-examination with the involvement of other doctors and a more thorough diagnosis as soon as possible.

Yellow stuff on tongue after piercing is also quite a common thing. In this case, you should visit a doctor immediately. Do not try to brush the tongue, as it may lead to terrible consequences. Yellow stuff on tongue after piercing may occur due to violation of the piercing procedure.


It is possible to prevent the appearance of yellow plaque on the tongue. All you need is to follow certain rules that are aimed not only at improving the condition of the oral mucosa, but at improving the work of the body in general. Preventive measures and rules include the following:

  1. causes yellow plaque on tongue causesClean your tongue daily strictly after brushing your teeth;
  2. Do not use hard brushes that can injure the fragile layer of the epithelium;
  3. Stop smoking and minimize drinking alcohol if possible;
  4. Bring your diet to balance according to medical recommendations;
  5. Regularly visit the gastroenterologist, dentist and other doctors dealing with chronic diseases and other possible problems.

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