Wisdom Teeth Cracking Other Teeth – What to Do if the Third Molar Grows in Sideways?


Wisdom teeth are the third molars in a row, they come in later that other ones – sometime between 18 and 25 years of age – these teeth usually cause a great deal of pain and discomfort and deteriorate much faster than other teeth. The reason is the disproportion of the size of the jaw bone size and teeth, we have more teeth than can fit on the jaw bone. As a result, we may have wisdom teeth cracking other teeth. Problems occurring due to the lack of the space for wisdom teeth:

  • wisdom teeth broking other teethTeeth erupt in the oral cavity only partially, most of them remain under the gum. Bacteria naturally present in the oral cavity penetrate under the gum and can cause serious inflammation.
  • Growing tooth has a pressure on the environment, forcing forward the existing teeth. Sooner or later it leads to “congestion” of the front teeth.
  • The tooth remains under the gum, but the “hood” of soft tissue (follicular cyst) can destroy not only the surrounding bone, but also the roots of the adjacent teeth, which often leads to the loss of the second molar. This is a case when wisdom tooth “broke” another tooth.
  • In rare cases, as a result of bad position of the wisdom teeth, in the lifting part of the jaw bone cysts can develop, or there may be a fracture of the jaw bone as a result of bone resorption caused by the cyst.

If wisdom teeth erupt normally, they are fully functional. Often, however, these teeth grow incorrectly, which ultimately provokes emergence of diseases of the mouth and gums. Moreover, they are very difficult to clean, as they are located in the back of the mouth. About 8% of people do not have wisdom teeth.

So, if the third molar erupts abnormally, in cheek, the best available treatment is the removal of wisdom teeth as soon as it starts to cause pain. Then you will not face the problem of wisdom tooth breaking another tooth. If necessary, you can wait a week or two to check whether the pain will last. But if the pain does not subside or becomes stronger, you wisdom teeth broke other teethmust have the tooth extracted without delay. If you have all four or two wisdom teeth erupting, it is the first couple that should be removed. The first pair is the upper and lower wisdom teeth that are in contact with each other when the jaw closes. This practice is followed by most dentists since it reduces the overall injury rate of removal procedures.

Those who have wisdom teeth grow at a younger age are the lucky ones, as young people have only mild complications concerned with the removal of these teeth, while adults older than 25 years often suffer from excruciating pain, and sometimes from a slight damage to the nerves of the face. However, such damage is often temporary, and eventually the nerves regenerate. So, keep an eye on crooked wisdom teeth growing in sideways and check them as soon as they start to hurt.

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