The Causes of White Spots on Gums


Appearance of white spots on the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity, gums, tongue and cheeks often testifies to diseases of the mucous membrane. White spots on gum above tooth, as well as white spots on gum under tooth is a signal of many diseases:

  • white spots on gums above teethStomatitis;
  • Thrush;
  • Wounds or abrasions;
  • Precancerous condition;
  • Wens;
  • Cyst;
  • Periodontitis;


White spots on gums in the form of plaque that do not pass away for a few days might be a symptom of stomatitis – inflammation of oral mucous membranes. The malady starts with the emergence of white spots on gums and the inner side of cheeks. If not treated, the spots are reborn in painful sores. Before the emergence of sores, stomatitis can be quickly cured by rinsing and gels. At the time of occurrence of sores on gum stomatitis causes great pain, the healing process of erosions at this stage is long enough. Injury to the sores can trigger infection, so at the treatment period the food should be liquid and mashed.


The phenomenon under consideration may emerge due to candidiasis, or thrush caused by Candida albicans which destroys the mucosal surface of the oral cavity. Thrush most often affects children, but may affect adults as well – on the background of reduced immunity, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes mellitus and other endocrine diseases, anemia, rickets, hepatitis, smoking, HIV. Thrush can be the result of a long course of antibiotics and means for rinsing the mouth with antiseptics, so antibiotics is commonly prescribed along with antifungal medications. Taking antibiotics at your peril is extremely dangerous.

Wounds or Abrasions

Spots on the gums may occur due to wounds or abrasions, which can be injured by a fragment of a tooth, an improperly installed crown or an old filling. A source of constant irritation should be eliminated necessarily (certainly, at the dentist’s office). The inflammation of gums, untreated teeth with caries and poor oral hygiene play a major role in the emergence of the disease.

Precancerous Condition

These symptoms may be a sign of cancer. If you suspect a precancerous condition, the doctor will send the tissue sample with a white spot on analysis (biopsy). Leukoplakia is characterized by keratinization of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity due to various stimuli:

  • white spots on gums above tooththe sharp edge of the tooth with caries;
  • the hanging edge of filling;
  • malocclusion;
  • the abuse of spicy and hot food;
  • inaccurately customized removable dentures;
  • galvanic current in the oral cavity due to the presence of crowns of different metals;
  • smoking

This affection if characterized by a white plaque which is slightly raised above the level of the gums. The sides may be clearly defined or blurred. This kind of spots does not bother patients and is found by chance.

Wens and Cyst

white spots on gums under toothA white spot on the gums in an adult can be a harmless when – a benign tumor of adipose tissue. Such growths extremely rare change to in malignant ones, but to control the size and the condition of the wen is important. If the wen has changed in size, it is necessary to show it to the dentist; any white spots on the gums should be under the supervision of a doctor.

Such spots can be a sign of a cyst. For specification of the diagnosis it is necessary to go to X-ray. If the preliminary diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor makes a scheme of the cross section. In any event this malady is to get rid of immediately, do not test the strength of your own health.


White spots on gums (not painful though they may be) are also a symptom of periodontitis. List of possible causes of white spots on gums is long enough. It is only an experienced dentist who can diagnose each particular case.

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