White Sore on Tongue – How to Deal with a Problem?


Supporters of the direction of alternative medicine of ancient India believed that tongue is divided into certain areas, reflecting the work of the major systems of the body. So, white plaque on adults’ tongue is an important indicator of health, it helps in diagnosis before the more serious symptoms. In this article, we consider not only the main causes of white plaque, but also talk about the preventive measures aimed at the prevention of their occurrence.

The Main Causes

During the examination of the oral cavity dentist checks the state of the teeth and the mucous membranes, nature of accretions on the tongue. Color, localization and consistency of plaque are important. In some situations the changed nature of the deposits happens due to banal use of coloring products. In other cases it helps to suspect serious health problems. White sore on tongue won’t go away without a proper treatment and determining the reasons. Causes of white sore on tongue:

  1. white sore on tongue causesdisease of the tongue itself – glossitis;
  2. manifestations of infectious diseases;
  3. disruption of the functioning of internal organs;
  4. the low index of hygiene.

Normally adults do not have plaque. Only in the early morning, before the hygienic procedures, you can consider a whitish layer, evenly covering the teeth. The tongue is moist and pink. Stinging, dryness is completely absent, as well as bad breath.

What Plaque Occurs for Infectious Diseases?

Due to the fact that the main way of transmission of pathogens of influenza, acute viral infections and tonsillitis is respiratory way, the given diseases flow with characteristic features in the oral cavity that is caused by direct exposure to pathogenic populations of viruses and bacteria with mucous membranes. Symptoms of intoxication of the organism are also intensively manifested: cough, sore throat, conjunctivitis.

  • white sore on tongue treatmentThe flu along with the emergence of a white sore on tongue is characterized by red, swollen mucosa with more prominent vascular pattern. There is a high risk of coccus bacterial flora, since viruses suppress the protective function of skin cells, blocking the production of immunoglobulins, reduce the level of macrophages and lymphocytes.
  • Tonsillitis is caused by streptococcus due to which accretions are more gray. The pathological focus is in the area of the tonsils. Depending on the form of inflammation, doctors distinguish superficial, follicular or lacunar tonsillitis.
  • Acute respiratory viral diseases are caused by the introduction of viruses, the type of which directly depends on what symptoms will prevail. There are infections that occur with the defeat not only the nasal mucosa, conjunctiva, throat, but organs of the digestive system.

What Will Tell Caseous Skin on Tongue?

Why the white sore on tongue is formed for oral moniliasis? Unicellular fungi Candida, turning in an active form, are beginning to allocate pathogens specific enzymes that cause tissue destruction. Patients at this stage are worried about dryness, severe itching, burning, soreness of mucous. However, mushroom mycelium is growing along with reproduction. Accordingly, the resulting white plaque consists mainly of microorganisms, their mycelium and destroyed epithelial cells.

First, the tongue can become covered with white points that forming caseous skins. This plaque is easily removed, exposing the red surface. But with the progression of mycotic lesion, painful sores may appear under accretions. How to get rid of white plaque on the tongue for the fungus Candida? Antifungal drugs are the basis of both local and general treatment (Fluconazole, Nystatin). To resolve burning use anesthetics. Borax in glycerin can have a good effect.

Features of Plaque When Diseases of the Digestive Tract

Not only acute, but also chronic gastritis can be identified by analyzing the nature of white sore on tongue. Pay attention to the density, the consistency of the accretions and their localization. Let’s consider how you can suspect acute and chronic gastritis, enterocolitis.

  1. white sores on tongueAcute gastritis is characterized by severe clinical picture. Patients are worried about stomach pain, nausea, heartburn, vomiting. As common signs and local manifestations in the mouth depends on the type of secretory activity. What prevails: hyper or hypo-secretion. Many people ask: “Why my tongue is covered with white plaque for gastritis?” This is due to the violation of the process of keratinization of superficial cells. Shift in the balance between keratinization and purification lead to the accumulation of thick white plaque on the tongue.
  2. Chronic gastritis is more difficult to diagnose. Patients generally indicate a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, nausea. Lateral surface and the tip of pink color without deposits can be covered with accretions.

The emergence of white-yellow plaque on tongue is observed not only in chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines, but in case of violation of the outflow of bile, what happens when the gallbladder dysfunction or liver disorders. How to clean a tongue in this case? As deposits on the tongue are merely a consequence of disruption of the digestive tract, to remove them you must first cure the underlying condition. But the lack of heavy accretions will be an indicator of the effectiveness of treatment.

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