Tooth Removal During Pregnancy – Is it Harmful for a Baby?


During pregnancy, the woman’s body suffers from calcium deficiency. Caries rapidly progresses because of this, and sometimes it is necessary to remove the tooth. Of course, this is an extreme measure, because tooth extraction during pregnancy is undesirable at the same time with carrying a child. But it does not seem possible to tolerate toothache either – it hurts both a child and future mother.

Is it Allowed to Remove Teeth when Bearing a Child?

Being pregnant is not an absolute contraindication to tooth extraction. However, 2 risk factors should be considered:

  1. The majority of anesthetic meds and pills are prohibited for such women;
  2. The removal procedure itself is a stress for the organism, and such an increased load is undesirable at the period of bearing a child.

Therefore, the doctor always carefully assesses the clinical picture to understand the way to carry out the an appropriate surgery on tooth extraction during pregnancy especially on first trimester. If there is even the slightest chance to keep the crown, then standard sealing is carried out. Anyway, the patient shall notify the doctor about his position, as well as the exact period of pregnancy. A dentist would choose the safest anesthetic, the active substances of which do not penetrate a placental barrier, and therefore do not harm the baby. General anesthesia is absolutely contraindicated.

When Tooth Extraction Is Recommended?

The main indications for tooth extraction during pregnancy:

  • tooth removal during pregnancy harmsevere pain syndrome that does not pass even after therapeutic treatment;
  • the presence of cysts or the risk of development of malignant tumors;
  • fractured crown or mechanical injury;
  • when the tooth crumbled;
  • advanced inflammation that can spread throughout the oral cavity.

Early pregnancy is among the main contraindications to the operation. It is not recommended to remove the teeth for the first 2 months, because during this period there is a process of formation of tissues and organs of the child.
Also, you should refrain from tooth extraction during pregnancy ob third trimester as it can cause premature birth. The safest period for surgery is 13-32 weeks of pregnancy.

Wisdom Teeth Removal During Pregnancy?

during pregnancy tooth removalRemoval of wisdom teeth (third molars), as a rule, is not carried out during the period of child bearing. The fact that such an operation is always more difficult and can cause deterioration in the general condition of women.
Often eighth crowns grow incorrectly (for example, at an angle), press on adjacent tissues or cut halfway. To extract such impacted and dystopic teeth it is necessary to cut the gum (sometimes in parts) and build the seams. This is a long process that takes up to 40 minutes, and there is abundant bleeding. It is especially difficult and dangerous to remove third molars from lower jaw. Therefore, a dentist is likely to refuse to carry out the operation and advise that patient to come after childbirth. At the period of lactation, women may safely eliminate the problem of “eight” and even carry out x-rays. If the wisdom tooth is about to appear and it feels unbearably painful, ask a doctor to prescribe you a local anesthetic gel. It will relieve the bearing women from discomfort and soothe the gums.

Possible Complications After Tooth Extraction?

After simple removal of incisors and molars any complications are unlikely. But the extraction of wisdom teeth can result in such unpleasant consequences:

  1. tooth removal during pregnancy causesswelling or soreness of the mucous membrane;
  2. alveolitis inflammatory process;
  3. fervescence;
  4. increase in submandibular lymph nodes;
  5. general weakness.

Along a development of the inflammatory process, antibiotics are required, they’re contraindicated at any stage of pregnancy.

Dentists strongly recommend women to carry out complex oral cavity treatment for a year or at least six months before the planned pregnancy. It is important to eliminate all carious lesions and to eliminate the painful sensations of the gums. Tooth removal during pregnancy is possible but both doctor and the pregnant patient have to be extremely careful with all the procedures.

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