Tooth Pain after Braces – What It is Caused By and How to Avoid It?


Correction of the bite is quite a long process. If there occurs tooth pain after braces, the reasons for this phenomenon can be multiple. Unpleasant sensations in the oral cavity can appear under the influence of internal and external factors. People with malocclusion should not be afraid that wearing braces will bring them pain and suffering. The curvature of teeth must be eliminated – it is a disease, which may cause very serious consequences for the internal organs. To understand why teeth hurt after braces, you need to consider all stages of this process, which can last up to 3 years.

Preparing to Install

Corrective devices are installed in the mouth not immediately. First comes the examination of the patient at the dentist, fabrication of the model and braces themselves. Under each bracket a dentist thoroughly selects a specific location on each tooth. At this stage, the patient has nothing to fear, the pain does not threaten him.

Braces are installed for a long time. This means that for a few months part of the teeth will not be available for cleaning and treatment. Furthermore, the product can be mounted only on perfectly clean enamel.

Before putting the braces, the patient undergoes such procedures:

  1. tooth hurting after bracesCuring all the diseases in the oral cavity. Treatment of tooth decay, ulcers, inflammation and suppuration.
  2. Removing tartar and plaque. Cleaning is carried out mechanically and with ultrasound.
  3. Removing dentures and crowns. This is necessary for the influence of the spring to be transmitted directly to the tooth.

When undergoing these manipulations, the patient may experience pain. But it is a forced necessity, because before the correction it is necessary to eliminate all the preconditions for the emergence of diseases of the teeth and other complications.

The Feeling when Installing

The common opinion that the installation of remedial systems is associated with unbearable pain is completely devoid of any reason. The brackets are bonded directly to the tooth enamel which has no nerve endings. Let us consider this process in detail:

  1. tooth hurts after bracesThe doctor puts the patient on a dental chair and tells him about future plans. The patient’s task is simply to sit and keep his mouth open.
  2. Enamel is processed with a special solution, which makes it more porous. It is necessary to increase the adhesion of the teeth with glue. Since the contact of the solution with the mucous membrane of the oral cavity does not occur, unpleasant sensations do not exist.
  3. Gluing the braces to the teeth. This operation is performed in stages or a quick way using a special polymer gum shields. The pain cannot take place even theoretically.
  4. Fixing the spring. This process is associated with some discomfort, as when attaching arc on the teeth there is quite a strong pressure.

The pain after the installation of the braces can only occur because of prolonged sitting with an open mouth. Typically, installation takes about half an hour. It is quite natural that the jaw muscles will ache a little from long strain.

Getting Accustomed to Braces

The first days after the installation are rather difficult for the patient. First, he is disturbed by the presence in the mouth of a foreign object. But you get used to it pretty quickly. The procedure of the meal causes some problems, though. The patient is instructed to abandon solid and viscous products, nuts and seeds. But even to chew soft is difficult and unusual.

Toothache can occur immediately after braces being installed. It is quite a normal phenomenon which you don’t need to be afraid of. Arc transmits to the teeth through the brackets pretty strong pressure, making teeth to stand in the right direction. The roots possess a lot of nerve endings. If teeth are hurting after braces (or while wearing it), it is obvious evidence that the adjustment process goes according to plan, in the right direction.

To get accustomed to new feelings, it takes from a week to a month. However, in some patients pain threshold is very low. Even the faintest pressure on the teeth causes them a lot of discomfort. What is to be done in this case? It is necessary to visit the doctor and explain to him the situation. As a rule, in such cases, a thinner arc is installed, which has less pressure on the teeth. However, such a solution has also a problem: the duration of treatment increases.

During the correction of malocclusion, pressure on the teeth is weakened and the pain disappears completely. Arc is replaced. This process is absolutely painless, as it is unrelated to any intervention into the bone or soft tissue. However, after a new arc is fixed to the brackets, the patient will again experience sensations similar to those that were after the initial installation of the braces. Treatment can include several procedures for the replacement of arcs. After each of them, unpleasant sensations will resume.

How their Removal Is Carried Out?

This is an event that people who have installed the braces look forward to. The impatience is caused by the understandable expectation of the end of suffering and the freedom from defects of the oral cavity. The caution is justified by the fact that people just afraid to get another batch of pain. Removal of braces is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Disconnecting the arc. It is freed from the ligatures, which are simply cut. After that, the pressure is eliminated.
  2. Removal of braces. For this purpose, special forceps are applied. The procedure does not cause any discomfort.
  3. Removing the glue. This process involves removing plaque that has accumulated on the enamel during the treatment.

Thus, the procedure of removing braces is not fraught with any dangers. The patient will spend about an hour in a comfortable chair with his mouth wide open. The consequences will be not scary: slightly aching teeth after removal of plaque and tired jaw muscles. The retainers that have to be worn for fixation of teeth in the new position will not much disturb. These devices have no pressure.

Why your teeth Hurt While Wearing Braces?

In addition to purely mechanical impact on the roots of teeth, pain during wearing braces may have other sources of origin. Since wearing devices for correcting the bite lasts for a long time, various situations during this period can occur. The patient may encounter pain of this nature:

  • teeth hurt after bracesRubbing tongue and mucous membrane of the lips by braces. People unconsciously move lips or a tongue to the foreign body in the mouth. Even modern vestibular systems have a certain thickness. On the brackets are projections that irritate the soft tissue by repeated touch. Usually, getting used to the braces comes a few days after their installation.
  • The protruding piece of the spring. This part of braces system is under constant compression, combining all the lining. The side may stick out due to the fact that the doctor made a mistake or because of the consumption of solid foods. To eliminate this kind of problem, bite the protruding part of the arc at the clinic.
  • The occurrence of allergic reactions. Usually, allergy occurs when you use braces of dubious origin, made of low quality materials. If antihistamines do not help, then have to stop treatment and to pick up the braces of different material.
  • Peeling of the bracket from the tooth. This happens from the contact of the fixture with a solid object or because of an error of the doctor. The basis of braces is very sharp, they easily injure the mucous membrane. The springs is removed and a new bracket is installed.
  • The occurrence of dental caries beneath the glued plates. Rarely, but it happens. Treatment of disease is carried out in the usual manner. Immediately after installation of a filling, the system is assembled together.

However, for the sake of smooth dazzling smile you can bear it all. The final result is worth the time and money.

What Can Be Done with the Pain?

To deal with unpleasant feelings during the procedure of correction of the bite is possible on your own, without resorting to the services of the attending doctor. As a rule, recommendations on all occasions are given to the patient immediately after the installation of braces. To relieve pain that occurs after fixing the arc, it is possible to use painkillers, taking them in accordance with the recommendations.

To consolidate the effect, you can make use of rinsing the mouth with some salt solution. This substance relieves the pain and inflammation. It is necessary to rinse every 2-3 hours. To avoid irritation of the mucosa due to contact with wire ligatures and ledges of the braces, they can cover them with dental wax.

If you experience intense pain and discomfort, you should definitely consult your doctor.

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