Tooth Hurts With Something Cold – Is It a Reason to Visit a Doctor?


When the teeth are sensitive to cold, this condition is called hyperesthesia. The condition is characterized by pain which is exposed to a particular stimulus. It is very common when the tooth hurts with something cold, it reacts not only to cold food, but even to the cold air.

What to Do When an Acute Reaction to Cold Occurred?

There are several reasons why teeth become sensitive to external factors:

  • tooth hurts with cold airExtensive or minor damage to tooth enamel. The cause of destruction is the impact of aggressive solutions contained in the drinks. Harmful for enamel substances are added to carbonated drinks. They evoke not only the sensitivity but the darkening of the teeth. There are citric and phosphoric acid (E300, Е338) in the contents of some drinks. These substances lead to tooth soreness when exposed to cold, hot, sour food. Regular consumption of carbonated drinks and food with food additives leads to the dissolution of minerals in the bones under the action of acids. Dental tissue is destroyed as a result of chemical reactions.
  • Mechanical damage. The solidity of the dental tissue is disturbed by the impact of hard food. A hard brush also has a negative impact.
  • The lack of oral hygiene.
  • Malocclusion. The load on the jaw is unevenly distributed. The enamel will eventually wear off.
  • Dental procedures. It happens when the tooth under the crown reacts to the cold. For example, after the procedures of bleaching, grinding, polishing, the enamel reacts sharply to temperature changes. It is possible that the tooth hurts even with cold air.
  • Rehabilitation period after local surgery. The sensitivity is observed for about a week.
  • Poor quality dental treatment. If a week has passed after the visit to the dentist, but the sensitivity has not passed, it means that an infection has got under the seal. Most likely, poorly cleaned channels or not sticking to the rules of disinfection before the lining of the material. The tooth hurts with cold food and drinks in case of violation of prosthetics technology.
  • Bruxism — the involuntary grinding of teeth during sleep.

For the first time, the hypersensitivity is usually found while cleaning the teeth and after the procedure the pain goes away. Enamel protects the dentin from irritants. When it is thinning, the nerves lose their protection and the teeth react to a low temperature.

Professional Help

When the tooth feels cold to distinctly, the main task of the dentist is to identify the cause of enamel irritation. Sometimes simple inspection is not enough to detect a violation. In such cases, an x-ray examination is prescribed. The picture allows you to identify hidden damage. There are several methods of treatment the acute reaction of teeth to low temperature:

  1. tooth hurts with cold foodmedicines;
  2. physiotherapy;
  3. surgery;
  4. hygiene procedures.

If the thinning of the enamel is caused by the exposure of the dentine tubules, they are closed with special solutions based on calcium, fluorine, strontium. They weaken the reaction to low temperature. After the procedure the sensitivity passes. Sometimes the exposed portions closed by means of a laser. This allows increasing the depth of drug penetration. When exposing dentin, toothpastes and rinses containing substances that can form crystalline precipitation are used. As a result of the reaction, the tubules are closed.

To cover sensitive areas used:

  1. tooth hurts with cold waterThe substances that form a crystalline precipitate on the enamel;
  2. Enamel adhesives (connections for tubular blocking);
  3. Ultra Micron hydroxyapatites (the crystals in the form of powder, gel, toothpaste).

The compositions solve the problem only temporarily. Eventually, the procedure is repeated or other methods of treatment are used. To solve the problem, iontophoresis is used. This is the use of drugs under the influence of galvanic current. The solution deeply penetrates the upper layers of dentine under the influence of a pulse so dense connections are formed.

These are the ways to make yourself feel better when every your tooth hurts with cold water or any other thing whose temperature is low.

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