Tooth Hurts After Filling – How to Help Yourself?


Sometimes people are waiting for so long to get an appointment with their doctor because of the toothache. But it happens that even after visiting the dentist the pain does not go away completely. It can last for a couple of hours or even days. What is wrong?

Why it Is Painful after Having Your Teeth Filled?

The filling which is installed on the aching tooth serves as a barrier that protects the tooth from random microbes. If your tooth hurts after filling, it may be entailed by:

  • teeth hurt after fillingNatural reaction of the body on intervention. Even if your teeth were filled correctly, such pain can appear and go away literally in a couple of hours. This feeling won’t be very noticeable as there is no any inflammation.
  • The caries isn’t treated properly. Probably it wasn’t completely cured by the dentist. The tissues of the tooth are inflamed and you feel severe ache. In this case it is strongly recommended to visit your dentist again to finish the treatment.
  • Chronic or acute pulpitis which wasn’t seen during the diagnosing of the patient.
  • Not complete curing of tissues that were touched during periodontitis. The treatment of this ailment takes much more than one day – sometimes the doctor needs several weeks to make the oral cavity healthy again.
  • The filling can be worn out or put very badly.  It can also be too big and push on other teeth or gums. Very frequently the tooth aches exactly because of these reasons. The filling breakage can happen only if it was made of poor quality material and if the patient didn’t stick to rules told by the doctor.
  • Light pain can be felt due to the trauma of the neighboring tissues within the process of filling. The patient needs some time for it to heal up.
  • Teeth become very sensitive after filing procedures and the discomfort caused by it can be the reason of pain. The sensitivity appears when the doctor hasn’t dried inner parts of the tooth. The bacteria are gathering inside of the filling in wet places and provoke the emergence of the pathology.
  • Patient can be allergic to the used material.

It is much easier to ascertain what makes the patient feel pain and discomfort when all the rules of personal hygiene prescribed by the doctor are being carried out. The doctors recommend eating something sweet before visiting the dentist and curing caries. The lack of glucose can provoke faints.

When it Is Allowed to Eat after Having the Tooth Filled?

Modern fillings content special epoxy resin which allows the filling to harden fast in the appropriate form.  These fillings get hard almost right away, the chemistry containing ones take about an hour to be done. It means that the patient can have a meal almost at once after finishing the procedure. If you are worried your filling might be damaged, wait for an hour and then grab the food. Remember that if the tooth hurts after filling when eating and there are no visible reasons for that, you should address the doctor. If you decided to install a temporary filling, you must be away from food for about 2 hours.

Gum Ache After Filling

The patient definitely needs to contact the doctor if his gum hurts after having the tooth filled. It means that probably some piece of material is stuck in inappropriate place. The gum starts swelling, the inflammatory process has begun and everything you can do before visiting a doctor is to try some of these methods of softening the pain:

  1. tooth hurts after filling when eatingPut some ice on the cheek for several minutes near the pain core;
  2. Using the compresses and warm temperature herbal and floral mouth washings;
  3. Taking painkillers.

Remember not to put too hot or even to war compresses because they are provoking the development of the disease. You should not take any antibiotics without running tests with doctor and getting a prescription from him, because the medicines have to be used very responsibly due to their complexity. These meds make the immune system very weak and make the further curing very complicated.

How to Prevent the Illness?

In case you are experiencing tooth pain after permanent filling, there is almost nothing that can be done on its own. But actually there are chances to prevent it and make it leave as soon as possible:

  • tooth pain after fillingDo not eat and drink anything too hot and too cold. Because when you are changing the temperature too fast and to noticeably, your teeth know it too. They can crack and entail the emergence of pain.
  • Every time after food consumption you have to rinse your mouth with special antibacterial mouthwashes.
  • Try to eat more delicate and soft food so as not to cause damage to your teeth and the tissues around them. Chew your food with healthy side only.
  • Don’t smoke as the tooth is very sensitive after the procedure.

How to Cure the Pain?

In case the patient’s tooth hurts after filling when biting, drinking or simply touching it with the tongue, and he also has very high temperature – you need to call the doctor straight away and get an appointment.

The doctor uses X-ray techniques to ascertain what is wrong with the tooth. Then he takes out the old filling and puts a new one in, but this feeling is temporary. If the pain goes away within the next 3-6 days, the normal filling is put into the tooth. When the situation is complicated, some more time may be needed. So don’t delay and visit your dentist if you think that your teeth are not fine.

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