Tooth Filling During Pregnancy – Is it Safe?


It is purely necessary to cure sick teeth at pregnant women. They should not be patient about this pain as it not only them who suffer but their future babies. Moreover, random pathologies in the oral cavity can lead to fetus infection. So don’t delay your visit to the dentist to get your tooth filling during pregnancy if you can.

The Traits of the Therapy

  • during pregnancy tooth filling It is allowed to treat caries, pulpitis and any other not very complicated diseases of gums and dentin even during pregnancy.
  • Tooth filling during early pregnancy should be carried out only with chemically harden materials as this is the most safe way to get your teeth fixed and don’t do any harm to the fetus.
  • It is prohibited to whiten your teeth in any way.
  • The treatment of the teeth id done under local anesthesia only. We don’t make the future mother suffer.
  • General anesthesia is strongly prohibited.

Teeth Fixing During the Whole Period of Pregnancy

The pregnancy period is always divided into 3 parts.

  • tooth filling during pregnancy harmFirst trimester (12 weeks). During this time all the vitally necessary organs of the future baby are formed. Placenta is only on its way to start developing itself so it cannot cover and protects the baby from any external influence that may be potentially harmful. Speaking about this period, it is not desirable to do any surgeries with teeth during first 12 weeks. Otherwise any medicine or anesthesia can be fatal for the fetus. The doctor will refuse to be responsible for any unexpected consequences.
  • Second trimester (from 13th to 24th weeks). The risk is getting visibly smaller during these weeks. Placenta is completely formed and serves as a great barrier for the baby. This trimester is the best period of time to get your teeth fixed if needed. Some other medical procedures are allowed too.
    Third trimester (from 25th week to the day of birth)
  • 3rd trimester is characterized with too high sensitivity to any medications that the future mother uses. What is more, women’s body is very weak before the time she is about to give birth so she should not be exposed to any interventions. If it is possible, a visit to the dentist should be canceled until the period of lactation. But this story is not about those cases when it is not bearable to be patient and suffer the toothache.

Tooth Ailments Diagnosing

You can’t treat any disease without knowing what exactly needs to be treated. The best way to see how the teeth are arranged in the jaw is to make an X-ray photo. But unfortunately, this procedure is not recommended for those who are bearing children. The cells of the fetus are being constantly divided so they are very sensitive to any dose of radiation.

In case there is a problem you cannot postpone for later, better do it within the second trimester. Make sure you covered your belly and breast with plumbum apron so the fetus doesn’t get damaged. Even during such common procedure the woman must be very careful and thoughtful.
Safe anesthesia for pregnant women

Getting tooth filling during pregnancy obviously requires local anesthesia. You cannot use general anesthesia solutions because the future mother should always be awake during the operation. Another option is low pressure on vessels. Lidocaine cannot be used during the curing of pregnant women as it can lead to muscle weakness, seizures and abrupt blood pressure lowering. The best option is to use anesthetics which formulas consist of:

  1. Ubisthesinum;
  2. Ultracainum;
  3. Alfacainum;
  4. Artrifrinum.

These meds are not capable of doing any harm to the baby because they work locally, only in the mouth. Also they have low concentration of adrenaline which is safe for the women.

Tooth Extracting While Being Pregnant

As it is clear how to carry out tooth filling during pregnancy, it is time to talk about the extraction of sick teeth. This procedure is always accompanied with unpleasant emotional burden. The teeth are allowed to be extracted in the following cases:

  • tooth filling during pregnancy causesCrown or teeth root breakage;
  • Severe caries which is the reason of a complicated inflammation;
  • Cyst formation which diameter is more than 1 cm;
  • Constant annoyingly painful feelings that can’t be eliminated with the help of homemade remedies.

Tooth extraction is highly undesirable procedure while being pregnant. It always ends up to be an inflamed hole where it used to be the tooth. Such complications definitely need antibiotics to be completely cured, and those are not useful for the fetus.

Tooth Implants While Bearing a Child

Prosthesis and denture are the rare things that are allowed for pregnant women. Dental implants are the only exception. Installing any kind of dental prosthesis requires a lot of vital power, and the pregnant woman cannot boast having a lot of those. All she struggles for is giving birth to a healthy baby. What is more, the question is about the anesthesia which is not desirable for these kind of women to be taken. Thus, pregnant women should take care of their health beforehand so they don’t have any illnesses appearing within the period of pregnancy.

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