Teeth Went Crooked after Braces – How to Save Beautiful Smile?


Repeated curvature of the teeth is quite a common problem faced by patients after completion of an orthodontic treatment. Why does it happen? Is it true that in some cases teeth are going crooked after braces removal?

Why the Teeth Are Distorted Again?

The deviation of the teeth from the given direction after removing the braces can affect absolutely everyone. This phenomenon is natural. But before you understand why teeth went crooked after braces, it is necessary to understand what happens during the braces wearing process.

  1. teeth are going crooked after bracesUnder the influence of pressure the teeth begin to move in the specified directions.
  2. Together with the change in the position of the jaw rows, the bone system is reconstructed, blood vessels, ligaments and even tissues surrounding the teeth are moved.
  3. As a result of all these changes, a gradual correction of bite begins. The teeth take a new direction, which makes a person’s smile more attractive.

It seems that everything is good. However, after the specialist removes the braces, and their pressure no longer affects the teeth, the reverse process begins. All tissues will strive to take the original, natural position, which was previously restrained by the established orthodontic design.

What to Do and How to Avoid the Problem?

It is very important not to miss the moment. Remember: if you do nothing, your teeth can take their primary position. That is why orthodontists strongly advise to wear special devices that fix the positive effect of braces so that the teeth do not warp again. These orthodontic devices are called retainers. Consider their positive qualities:

  • after braces teeth went crookedeasy and quick fixing on teeth;
  • compact size;
  • effective impact on the teeth, allowing to keep them in the right position;
  • fixation from the back side of the jaw, imperceptibly;
  • guaranteed result.

Types of Retailers

Retailers are a special wire, which is attached to the dentition on the reverse side. Most fixation occurs in the area of the canines. The installation of this element does not allow the teeth to turn in different directions. The use of retailers is very convenient and does not cause discomfort to their owner. In orthodontics, two types of these corrective devices are used:

  1. Removable constructions are divided into single-jaw and double-jaw retainers. The last are used mainly  during sleep. Single-jaw devices are worn at any time of the day.
  2. Non-removable retainers are attached to the teeth with a special glue-without the possibility of self-removal. You will have to get used to them within a week. Then these devices do not cause any inconvenience.

In order to avoid the problem when teeth went crooked after braces the patient should wear a retainer, the installation of which could be performed by your orthodontist. He/she will also advise you what kind of retailers you need, and tell you about the rules of wearing and caring for them.

Rules of Wearing Retailers

If you want to keep the effect after wearing braces for a long time, you should definitely follow the doctor’s recommendations for retailers. Having done that, you would not have to worry that your teeth are going crooked after braces

  • after braces teeth are going crookedThe time of wearing retailers is determined by the orthodontist individually. The duration of the course depends on various factors: the age of the person, personal habits and genetic predispositions. Most likely you will not get the exact answer to the question about the time of wearing a retainer.
  • Since it is difficult to clean the oral cavity while wearing fixed structures, it is recommended to use dental floss for this purpose.
  • If you have removable retainers, remember to remove them before eating. They also need to be cleaned regularly with a brush and toothpaste.
  • Rinse your mouth daily with a fluoride-containing liquid.
  • Visit a doctor-hygienist at least twice a year. He/she will conduct professional cleaning of teeth.
After your doctor allows you to remove the retainers, you can use transparent retention caps for some time. This is a kind of transition from a rigid structure to a softer fixation. First, the doctor may advise you to wear them once in two days, then – once a week, so that your teeth are “accustomed” to be in a given position.

In conclusion, we advise everyone who uses orthodontic appliances to consult with an orthodontist about the installation of retailers. This will allow you to prevent the reverse curvature of your teeth and consolidate the effect that you have achieved with the help of a long and difficult course of wearing braces.

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