Why Teeth May Start to Rot Under the Crown?


With the help of artificial crowns it is possible to restore the integrity of the dental curve. With proper installation of such a device and with proper care for it, there should be no difficulties in operation. But sometimes it happens that there are rotten teeth under crowns. You should learn more about why this is happening and what to do.

Causes of Decay

There can be several reasons why the tooth turned black:

  1. teeth rot under the crown causesSevere damage occurred before prosthetics. When prosthesis is installed on a weak element, in the near future it may deteriorate and will begin to darken. Therefore, in case of severe destruction of tissues, it is recommended to remove their remains in advance, to carry out the procedure of implantation, after which it is possible to complete prosthetics.
  2. Lack of proper oral care. With insufficient cleaning, secondary caries can develop. The teeth under the crown will gradually be destroyed.
  3. Poorly performed installation of the construction. If the prosthesis loosely fits the neck of the tooth and there is free space under the device, particles of food, salivary fluid and pathogens may penetrate under it.
  4. If the integrity of the composite material is violated. In such a situation saliva and microscopic particles of food get under the denture. Teeth start to break.
  5. Substandard treatment prior to the installation of crowns.
  6. Diseases of the digestive system. There may be a rotten tooth under crown if the person suffers from chronic diseases of the stomach, too high acidity, disorders of digestive function and metabolism.

To exclude such a problem and prevent your teeth from darkening, it is important to conduct qualified treatment before prosthetics. In the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it is important to carry out their treatment in a timely manner.


If there is a decayed tooth under crown, it is impossible to stop the process without extracting the artificial structure and removing pathological tissues. The destruction of the tooth will continue until the device has nothing to hold on, after that the prosthesis itself will fall out, exposing the remains of the decayed tooth. The main signs of the presence of the rotten tooth under crown are:

  • unpleasant smell indicates that the element began to collapse;
  • a person can feel the hole under the structure, food particles get into it and begin to decompose;
  • the tooth turned black under the crown.

Such signs indicate that the teeth under the crowns began to deteriorate. The first thing to do is to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

What to Do when the Top of the Tooth Is Destroyed?

Options for what to do in such a situation are based on several factors:

  1. tooth rot under crowntimeliness of doctor’s visit;
  2. whether the root is in good condition or it is darkening it too;
  3. level of the inflammatory process;
  4. whether there are cystic formations at the top of the root system;
  5. whether you need to change the crown or there is another way to restore the item.

To improve the situation and restore the element, which upper parts are deteriorated and the roots are not affected, you can use the formation of inlay core. It is created by an individual mold. Then it is introduced into the channels. The inlay core can be made of silver, fiberglass or gold. To improve the situation with the front units, gold or fiberglass cores are used. They will not shine through the thickness of the ceramic structure. If a tooth performing chewing function has rotted, you can restore the stump and install a new crown.

What to Do when the Tooth and Root Are Destroyed?

If the tooth is rotting and the blackness of the dental canals is visible, this means that they also began to collapse. In teeth rot under the crown treatmentthis case there will be a slightly different approach in the treatment. It is impossible to save the element, it is necessary to eliminate the remains of the destroyed root system, to treat the inflammatory process in the tissues and gums. Only after that you can start to re-restore the unit. The most effective method is implantation followed by prosthetics.

If the tooth is darkened and there is an unpleasant smell, it is important to contact the doctor in time. You should not perform any self treatment. It is important to determine the source of the inflammatory process and solve the problem with the blackening element correctly. Radiography is carried out to assess the visually inaccessible areas of the oral cavity.

It is important to visit the dentist in time for a preventive examination. In case of raising concerns, you should contact the doctor immediately. This will prevent flux, infection or cystic formations.

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