What Can Patient Do if Teeth Going Translucent?


Many people notice the tips of the teeth going translucent. Why does it happen? Over time, the process of “transparency” can cover the entire enamel. Such changes often cause panic and can affect even healthy teeth that have never been sealed and did not require treatment.

This phenomenon is not a pathology. Many dentists believe that teeth going translucent is almost the norm.

Why Can Teeth Become Translucent?

The reason may be serious thinning of the enamel, provoked by the lack of calcium in the body. Transparency can be attributed to a cosmetic defect, but this is not the worst thing. Teeth that have too thin enamel become very fragile, could be easily damaged and crack. In addition, caries develops faster on a transparent surface. Teeth going translucent at the edges also indicate another trouble – increased sensitivity to sweet, sour, cold and hot. Treatment of hypersensitivity is complicated by acute pain reactions, when even the simplest dental procedure turns into a real torture. Why teeth can become transparent? Factors that affect the condition of the enamel and provoke transparent and weak teeth. The reasons may be as follows:

  • teeth are going translucentdental diseases: caries, periodontitis, periodontitis, neoplasms;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • poor oral hygiene: irregular cleaning is not the main cause of enamel destruction. It can occur due to too hard brush, paste with hard particles or aggressive and overly active cleaning movements;
  • “too much” home whitening: when whitening teeth at home you should strictly follow the instructions. Too frequent use of pastes and gels with a large number of abrasives leads to the fact that the enamel becomes too thin and brittle; teeth look translucent after whitening
  • erosion from acids: poor nutrition (too much sweet juices, sweets and soda) leads to the fact that the enamel is exposed to an active attack of acids contained in saliva;
  • frequent use of antibiotics and drugs with high acid content;
  • gastritis, frequent heartburn and many other stomach diseases;
  • bad ecology;
  • frequent dry mouth, poor saliva secretion;
  • the abundance of soft dental plaque, which blocks the oxygen saturation of the tooth;
  • smoking.

How to Restore Tooth Enamel?

You should consult a specialist in case of any dental problems. Usually doctors offer one of the following procedures:

  1. teeth become translucentFluorination. It is possible to restore and strengthen tooth enamel by means of fluoridation. This procedure includes covering of the tooth surface with varnishes or solutions with the high content of fluorine. This procedure is recommended not only for restoration, but also for preventive support of dental health. In addition to the usual polishing, dentists offer application method of recovery. In this case, experts make molds of teeth, fill them with fluoride-containing composition and apply them to the teeth like veneers.
  2. Remineralization. Varnishes with a high content of calcium, fluorine, vitamins and minerals are used. In dentistry, the coating is applied using a special brush. At home by wearing a mouth guard filled with the special substance. Mouth guard is usually worn at night, so as not to interfere with the saturation of the teeth with ions of phosphorus, calcium and fluorine. An alternative option is to cover the surface of the teeth with a film that protects the enamel from the effects of acids. Thanks to this coating, the incisors will look healthier and lighter. In addition, it is recommended to use special pastes rich in minerals and fluorine.

Implantation of Enamel

tooth is going translucentImplantation is required in cases when it is necessary to restore large areas of severely damaged enamel. Special materials similar to the chemical composition of natural dental tissues are used in the procedure. Materials are applied to the surface and after drying are able to perform all the functions of enamel. With the help of implantation, you can restore the shape, correct the bite, change the color of the teeth and protect too sensitive areas. In addition, the result is constant.

Transparency of Teeth in Children

Transparency of teeth children is usually caused by hypoplasia – underdevelopment of tissues. Often the phenomenon goes unnoticed. Parents simply do not pay attention or believe that for kids transparent or “spotted” teeth are the norm. If you have any problrms with the enamel, it is better to use a brush with soft bristles and your toothpaste should contain fluoride and calcium. You can choose a good mouthwash: professional and semi-professional products contain special trace elements that strengthen the teeth surface.

You should also pay attention to the usual diet. It is necessary to exclude sweet and sour products from the menu. It is necessary to eat regularly dairy products, fish, eggs, cheeses, cabbage, black currant, potatoes.

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