Swollen Gums: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis


When you have your gum puffed, it makes you feel bad during ruminating the food. It also makes your appearance look worse and causes a lot of discomfort. Unfortunately, people are tend to postpone their visit to the dentist until their pain becomes simply unbearable. Swollen gums are sort of body reaction on the inflammatory process inside the mouth. In this case the reason of puffiness needs to be ascertained as all the following treatment will depend on it.

Why Do Gums Get Swollen?

There are many factors the gums suffer from inflammation. A couple of reasons can be distinguished:

  • swollen gums and painmechanic gum damage which is entailed by using certain food products like caramel, nuts, croutons. The gum can be sore after brushing them with the harsh toothbrush, after using a toothpick not very deliberately, after consuming food with bones in it like fish.
  • In most cases the gums get swollen due to random sicknesses of the teeth. The most common of them are caries, periodontal disease, pulpitis, gingivitis and flux. If the treatments isn’t provided in time many harmful bacteria are sneaking deeper and deeper in our body and can affect any other organs. So as to tooth itself, it starts developing pus in the pulp. Swollen gums with pus are pretty evident sign of such disease as periodontal disease, and if you visit your dentist too late. You can get your tooth shattered and eventually you’ll lose it.
  • Your visit to the dentist may become the reason of an inflammatory process and gum puffiness. It happens due to improper dental fillings and not complying with ordinary rules of hygiene. If the doctor is not high qualified the patient can get in real danger. The pus starts accumulating under the filling because of the intensive process of inflammation. The microbe reproduction leads to damaging not only the tooth and the gum but whole oral cavity. Swollen gums and pain will probably make you visit another doctor but make sure he or she is a professional.
  • swollen gums with pusProblems with gums occur during the pregnancy as a result of hormonal dysfunction. It a common process almost all the pregnant women face.
  • Another reason of swollen gums is the eruption of wisdom teeth. Many patients are prone to neglecting visiting their dentist because they think it’s normal to feel pain during this period. Nevertheless, the tosh can be growing askew and cause a lot on severe pain, which is considered a pathology. The extraction of the wisdom tooth is an aching procedure and it’s even more unpleasant if there is something wrong with the tooth. Don’t postpone and do a radiogram so you know what is going on with your tooth. If it’s growing not right it’ll be removed, and the patient will no longer be felt disgusting.

Certainly, the presence of pain in the teeth, blood drips, white pellicle and other scary symptoms is a great reason to get an appointment with your dentist. No toothache is gone on its own. The patient can only cure it’s symptoms but not the problem itself. A little time goes by and you feel the ache again and again. In case the sick man treats himself so frivolously, it will not go off unattended. His aching tooth will take to the table of surgeon and it will cost way more than it could be if he addressed the doctor earlier.

What Are the Remedies for Swollen Gums?

swollen gums with bloodAs said before, the visit to a doctor is highly recommended in case of any type of tooth pain – especially if there are swollen gums with blood. If you have no idea what’s going on to your mouth the dentist will review your condition, make you run some tests and the cause of your pain will be clear. Sometimes it happens that an urgent visit to a doctor is the best you can do. But paying a visit to him at one isn’t always possible. Then you might get some help using home remedies that will ease your condition.

If the reason of the unbearable pain and swollen gums lies in teeth eruption, the most effective remedies are soothing decoctions, tinctures and infusions. One of the best cleansing solutions is the solution of well-known for us all baking soda. It is used for mouth washing and rinsing the teeth. Gum puffiness can be reduced with the help of sea salt and baking soda solution, also some iodine can be added in order to enhance the effect.
To make the well-being better and to reduce the amount of pathogenic organisms, the 3% peroxide of hydrogen should be taken and diluted with water. We shouldn’t forget about the effect of such natural medications as herbs, roots and flowers. Calendula, sage and chamomile can be successfully used as homemade remedies. So as to make a decoction, take 5 gram of each herb and put some hot water in a pot. Keep it untouched for an hour, then strain it and rinse your mouth with this warm liquid. It will make you feel better and let you wait till the doctor appointment.

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