Swollen Cheek after Filling: How to Solve This Problem?


During most dental procedures (especially during tooth extraction and filling) soft tissues can be damaged. Therefore, the swelling and pain after dental treatment is a phenomenon that occurs in practically every case. Sometimes such a response of the body to intervention and stress is the norm, but if you experience some symptoms, swollen cheek after filling or extraction means the onset of inflammation. This article describes the possible causes of swelling, degrees of danger, as well as methods of treatment at home.

The Causes of Swelling of Cheek after Dental Treatment

Even an ordinary filling or tooth extraction (without complications) is a difficult and lengthy process, so a swelling is a frequent phenomenon. The following are the main reasons of its occurrence:

  • swollen cheek after filling causesDevelopment or occurrence of inflammation. Often a tooth is removed due to the development of purulent infection. Then, after tooth extraction hole is processed with antiseptic, and the patient is prescribed antibiotics. However, such measures are not a guarantee of the cease of infections. In addition, inflammation can occur a long time after surgery due to improper care of the hole.
  • Complicated removal. During prolonged operation, when there are some complications, tissues are significantly damaged. Therefore, the soft tissues react to it appropriately, for example, in cases of the extraction of wisdom tooth it is not only the appearance of swelling and difficulties in opening the mouth that are possible.
  • The removal of wisdom teeth. It is always a complex process which is usually accompanied by not only swelling, but also extremely long-lasting and severe pain.
  • During the removal a gum had to be cut. In the occurrence of purulent abscess, it is necessary not only to remove the tooth, but also to cut the gum to drain pus. Usually in such cases the swelling is small and passes away quickly.
  • Individual health problems (for instance, high blood pressure). As you can see, the problems concerning swollen cheek usually occur after tooth extraction, though this phenomenon might also be concerned with filling.

When Is the Swelling of Cheek after Filling or Tooth Extraction not a Threat to Health?

If you experience the following symptoms, swelling does not require urgent examination by a doctor:

  1. Swelling is small and is not increasing over time (for example, a cheek is a little swollen right after the surgery; this swelling most often passes away after a couple of days itself).
  2. If the body temperature is not increased, inflammation in the body does not take place (if there was high temperature before removal, then it should slowly decline).
  3. Pain in the hole is not critical (the main thing is that it should become less intense over time; in cases of ordinary extraction it takes a couple of days, if it was complex removal, it may last for several weeks).
  4. There is no unpleasant smell (otherwise, there may be the decay of tissue covering the hole).

In What Cases Is it Necessary to Visit a Doctor?

Sometimes swelling of cheek after filling or extraction is not a natural process; in some cases, there is need of urgent consultation with a specialist:

  • swelling of cheek after fillingEvery day the cheek is swelling up more and more.
  • There occurs a shortness of breath (it is possible in case of allergy to some drugs used during the removal).
  • Throbbing incessant pain in the hole.
  • The body temperature is increasing (it indicates that there is inflammation).
  • Bad breath.
  • Discomfort in the mouth opening, increased pain.
  • Swelling occurred not immediately after surgery, but in a few days.
  • There is no blood clot in the hole.

How to Get rid of Swelling on Your Own?

It is necessary to strictly follow the rules: to avoid physical activity immediately after surgery, not to eat for three hours (and to consume only soft food until a treated place is entirely recovered), not to touch the hole (neither with a tongue, nor with hands). If all the rules are observed and the swelling still appears, but it is not so big and painful that you need to see a doctor, it can be eliminated on you own. For this, you are to use one of the following methods:

  1. after filing swollen cheekCold compress. Cold can deal with both swelling and pain. You can use a bottle of water, a dampened cloth, ice cream, and so on.
  2. Compress “soda plus salt.” One tablespoon of baking soda plus half of a tablespoon of salt. This mixture should be applied for 10–20 minutes every 1–1.5 hours.
  3. Decongestant medications. Gels and ointments help to cope with swelling that occurred even after a complex removal. The important thing is to consult your doctor before using such preparations.
  4. Don’t worry and don’t take sedatives. Tooth extraction is always stressful, and it is known to be detrimental to general physical condition.

Remember the main thing – all painful sensations and swelling after dental treatment must disappear in a couple of days (in case of complex extraction it takes no more than a few weeks). If the pain increases, you are to visit a dentist.

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