What to Do if there Is a Smell from Under the Crown?


Many people wearing dental crowns are faced with such an unpleasant problem as bad smell from crowned tooth. It is possible to speak about the many serious problems with both the crown and the tooth under it, so the best solution in this situation would be the visit to the doctor.

Causes of the Smell from the Crown

Dentists recommend to be ready that the crown may have to be removed to find out the cause of the unpleasant smell. Most often, bad smell coming from crowned tooth appears due to:

  1. smell from under crown causesBad fixation of the crown on the tooth. Because of this, the gap between the crown and the tooth is clogged with food residues and sugar dissolved in saliva. Gradually, these residues decompose and begin to rot.
  2. Depressurization, that is, violation of the integrity of the cement that holds the crown to the tooth stump. In this case, saliva falls under the prosthesis, on the inner metal surface of the structure. Because of this, there are oxides that destroy the tooth under the crown and cause an unpleasant smell.
  3. Bad treatment of the tooth before the crown was placed on it. In this case, the tooth can simply begin to collapse and, accordingly, smell unpleasant.
  4. Tooth decay under the crown

This last reason should be discussed in more detail.

Why Can the Tooth under the Crown Be Destroyed?

The destruction of the tooth under the crown has several main reasons:

  • The tooth has been destroyed before the crown is fixed. Sometimes unskilled doctors for their own benefit or smell from under crown treatmentignorance persuade the patient to put a crown on the tooth, although according to all the rules the tooth should be removed. If the tooth is severely damaged, the fixation of the crown will be only a temporary measure. This is especially true when the tooth has collapsed to the gums. In this case, it is better to remove the tooth and perform the implantation.
  • Poor oral hygiene. It is important not only for healthy teeth, but also for prostheses. If a patient wearing of crowns does not pay much attention to oral hygiene, in the end it can lead to tooth decay and therefore to bad odor from dental crown.
  • When a temporary crown is not installed until the permanent one is made, then it can easily cause bad breath.

Dentists often recommend rinsing your mouth with decoctions of herbs, such as sage or chamomile to get rid of bad smell.

Complications Due to the Unpleasant Smell from under the Crown

If there is bad smell under dental crown, you need to contact a qualified specialist as soon as possible, because it is fraught with many consequences:

  1. If disease-causing bacteria multiply under the crown, then in the end it can cause cysts under the crown of the tooth, and then various suppuration processes in the soft tissues of the oral cavity may occur.
  2. Very often, after depressurization of the crown an inflammatory process, which is often complicated by flux, can form under it. If the flux develops, it will have to be opened, and then antibiotic therapy is required.
  3. The smell from under the crown can be caused by pulpitis or secondary caries of the prepared tooth, and if it is not cured in time, the tooth can be lost forever-you have to put an implant or prosthesis.

How to Treat an Unpleasant Smell from under the Crown?

If a serious decay of the tooth has started under the crown, it is impossible to stop it. The tooth will rot until it finally smell coming from under crowncollapses, and then the crown will simply fall out. If the decay has just begun, the dentist could remove the crown and try to keep the tooth. After that, you will need to make a new crown.

If everything is not so serious, and the tooth under the crown does not rot, then it may be enough to simply re-cement or adjust the crown. Sometimes a new crown is still necessary, but this is usually carried out under warranty, as in incorrectly made crown is a mistake of the dentist. Experts strongly recommend not to avoid re-prosthetics! It is more important to save the tooth itself, not the artificial structure, so it is better to make a new prosthesis than to lose the tooth completely.

Patients Opinion and Advice

The unpleasant smell from under the crown is a very common problem, which is actively discussed on Internet forums. Before going to the dentist it is useful to learn about the experience of other people to be ready for anything.

Most often, the smell from under the crown occurs almost immediately, and it is associated with poor installation of the crown. Therefore, it is important to put the crown in the clinic, which gives guarantees – then you can change the crown for free. For the above reason, many dentists and patients do not recommend to put crowns abroad – in this case, the warranty “repair” will be difficult, because you will have to spend money on tickets.

To get rid of the unpleasant smell for a while, you can clean the space under the crown with special small brushes.

Today, the treatment of the tooth under the crown is not always associated with its removal – the doctor can cut a small area of the crown and carry out treatment through a small hole.

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