Top 3 Reasons of Bad Smell after Tooth Extraction



Why there is a smell after tooth extraction? There are several factors that cause the problem:

  • Disregard of doctor’s recommendations by the patient. After extraction, the dentist instructs the patient about the rules of behavior in the postoperative period. For early regeneration of the wound, it is necessary to refrain from smell coming after tooth extractionconsuming hot and cold food for 24 hours, as well as from rinsing the oral cavity with antiseptic solutions. Also, you should not touch the hole with your hands, so as not to provoke the destruction of epithelial tissue.
  • There is no blood clot. In complex operations, for example, after the removal of the wisdom tooth, the dry hole syndrome is often observed due to the previously occurred infection of the alveoli. Disease-causing flora does not form a clot. Complications after surgery appear in a few days. Patients note the pain of a pulsating nature and swelling of the cheek.
  • The presence of chronic infectious diseases in the oral cavity. The presence of pathogenic flora increases the risk of infection of the wound after tooth extraction. People with chronic dental diseases perform the extraction only in extreme cases due to the high risk of negative consequences.

Bad Breath after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The consequences after extraction occur due to the peculiarities of the location of the wisdom teeth and their massive roots. Due to complications of an inflammatory nature, there may be foul smell after tooth extraction.

Among other reasons we can mention the formation of cysts on the place of the missing element. Due to a benign tumor, the body tries to isolate healthy soft tissues from infected ones. Inside the cyst is a serous fluid, from which a bad smell comes. In case of untimely treatment, benign neoplasm is transformed into flux or breaks out.

In people with diabetes, after the extraction of the wisdom tooth, hematomas are often observed. To eliminate the tumor, the doctor makes an incision in the soft tissues of the gums and establishes the drainage in the surgical field.

Symptoms for Immediate Medical Attention

Tooth extraction is considered a small operation which can lead to complications. They are most often observed in patients with pathologies of the cardiovascular system. If you have disturbing symptoms after surgery, you need to see a doctor. Even if there are no signs of anxiety, it is necessary to come to the dentist for 3-4 days after the intervention, so that he assesses the condition of the alveolar socket and, if necessary, conduct a control x-ray of the jaw. Signs for urgent treatment in a dental clinic:

  • bad smell after tooth extractionrestless, even after taking painkillers, discomfort;
  • increasing pain in the problem area;
  • allergic reactions to antibiotics prescribed after tooth extraction;
  • temperature rise;
  • heavy bleeding 4 hours after extraction.

The faster the necessary measures are taken, the sooner the soft tissues of the gums will heal. In this case, the person has the opportunity to set the prosthesis to fill the missing element.

Getting Rid of Unpleasant Smell

If it is impossible to visit a doctor within the next few days, you can try to remove bad smell after tooth extraction yourself. Measures are aimed at reducing the spread of pathogenic flora in the mouth. Hygienic measures are carried out longer than usually, about 5-7 minutes instead of 3-4. Special attention should be paid to interdental spaces, in which the greatest number of plaque accumulates. Together with the brush and paste it is recommended to use brushes, irrigators or dental floss. Careful hygiene prevents the spread of infection deep into the soft tissues of the alveoli. After each meal, the mouth should be rinsed with antiseptic solutions. This is necessary in order to prevent a foreign object from entering the wound. Solutions can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepared independently at home. Herbal solution and simple boiled water are the best.

When there is putrid smell after tooth extraction, it is recommended to abandon the consumption of protein foods (meat, fish). Instead of it, you should eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Use chewing gum after each snack.

Clean the back of the tongue during hygiene procedures, as it accumulates the vast majority of pathogens. Before the visit to the doctor, you can moisten a cotton swab in antiseptic composition and apply it to the problem area. In case of severe bleeding, a tampon with hydrogen peroxide is applied to the wound area. To reduce the pain intensity, you can use novocaine or lidocaine.


In order to avoid halitosis and other unpleasant symptoms a few days after the removal of the tooth, you need to adhere to a number of rules:

  1. smell after tooth extraction causesApply a cotton swab to the wound with increased bleeding.
  2. Do not rinse your mouth in the first days after the intervention.
  3. Take pain medication if discomfort is unbearable.
  4. Do not smoke or drink alcohol for 3-4 days. Bad habits contribute to the destruction of the blood clot.
  5. After 2 days, treat the mouth with antiseptic formulations recommended by the dentist.
  6. Swelling of the gums and cheeks can be removed with cold compresses.

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