Red Spots on Gum: Causes and Treatment


There are quite a number of diseases of mouth and teeth in dentistry. If you noticed a red spot on gum under or below a tooth – do not worry, it can be gingivitis, periodontitis or abscess. Scary as it may sound, there is no reason for panic – all these diseases are easy to treat in modern medicine.

Gingivitis and Its Types

red spots on gum below a toothGingivitis is considered to be one of the most common diseases in dentistry. Its characteristic features are gums inflammation, the appearance of red spots, in some cases – bleeding. The emergence of these symptoms indicates that it is high time for you to visit a doctor. It should be borne in mind that self-medication is sure to aggravate the situation; this may lead to such disease as periodontitis. If you have your gums reddened, or there are red spots on gum after tooth extraction, for instance, it is most likely to be catarrhal gingivitis which may be treated immediately and has no complications or emergence of more serious symptoms (such as increase or decrease in volume of the gums, its bleeding or sloughing of epithelium membranes of the mouth).

Red Spots on the Child’s Gums

It is rather often that mothers find red spots in the mouth of their children, pimples or strange stains. The norm is the pinkish color of the child’s gums, without any abnormalities such as cracks, redness of the gums, redness around the teeth, etc. It there are any, they should be regarded as special cases to be considered separately.

The Symptoms of Gum Disease

The overwhelming majority of people suffer from gum problems. To determine the disease is primarily to identify the symptoms. The main symptoms of gum disease are:

  1. red spots on gum after tooth extractionred or swollen gums;
  2. bleeding gums;
  3. sensitive teeth;
  4. bad breath.

However, it is not always possible to immediately determine the disorder. So, when it is the gingivitis, symptoms are barely noticeable; you should visit a dentist twice a year for routine examination; the doctor will be able to detect deviations and diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Red Spots Near a Tooth

If you see red dots or spots near the teeth, this is definitely an alarming signal. Signs most often cause tooth pain, and people think the problem consists in them. Actually, this pain may alert you to gingivitis or even cancer of the oral cavity. It is important to know that the signs of this type of cancer can be:

  • white or red spot or dot, which progresses rapidly and is increasing in volumes;
  • an ulcer on the gum, which starts bleeding;
  • severe toothache or inexplicable loss of teeth.

It is worth noting that it is only a specialist who can determine whether or not there is any phenomenon belonging to the cases of abnormality.

Prevention of Gum Disease

To avoid problems with the gums which can later lead to serious illness, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. red spots on gum under toothGood hygiene.
  2. Regular visits to the doctor.
  3. Proper diet for breastfeeding mom and baby.
  4. Creating a favorable environment for the baby.

Remember that any abnormality in your mouth is a threat to your health or the health of your baby. With the emergence of any symptoms, immediately contact your dentist and in any case do not resort to self-medication. Any wrong steps may aggravate the disease and worsen overall physical condition.

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