Pus from Gums: Symptoms, Treatment, and Causes


The presence of pus in gum doesn’t show itself for a long time. It goes on without any symptoms but suddenly you start feeling odd pain while chewing and brushing the teeth. Sometimes the pain is accompanied with bleeding and you can see some pus releasing from the gum when pushing on it. Little by little even more pus is being produced and infection is spreading much faster. If measures are not taken immediately, you may lose not only your sick tooth but the healthy ones near it.

What Can Cause Pus in Gums?

In the majority of cases it is the infection that entails white secretion from the gums. If the person takes care of his oral cavity, sticks to basic personal hygiene rules and his gums are healthy, the risk of infection to get inside his body through the gums hardly exists. However, when the gums are swollen and irritated or provoke some space between the tooth and the gum, the food will get inside of the gum and start rotting there which will lead to emergence of pus. Dental trauma can also be the reason of white pus from gums. The trauma can be entailed by the following reasons:

  • pus from gums with abscessBroken tooth fragment;
  • The tooth crown of inappropriate quality that hangs over the gum brim and sometimes cause pain;
  • Too harsh toothbrush or very hard teeth brushing;
  • Toothpick and careless using of it.

Remember that even though your teeth are made of bone tissue and it is the hardest material in our body, we should treat our oral cavity very carefully. If you notice that something is wrong with your teeth, you should immediately get an appointment with your dentist.

The Symptoms of the Ailment

A puss pimple on the gum can vary in size from pea-sized zit to walnut shaped abscess. What is more, the diameter and size of the growth does not affect how serious it is. So don’t treat it very carelessly when you notice pus from gum with abscess. Even if the pimple is pretty small it may lead to very unpleasant consequences literally within a couple of days.

Gums with pus that are accompanied with severe pain, don’t delay visiting the doctor. Neglected case of pus in gums is perilous with its consequences including blood infection. While having zits in his cavity the patient can distinctly feel such symptoms as:

  1. white pus from gumsBody temperature rising;
  2. General weakness of the body;
  3. Unbearable pain;
  4. Pulsing sensation in his mouth;
  5. Intoxication of the whole body.

If the puss is gathered only near one tooth at the beginning of the ailment, eventually it can easily be spread on the whole gum and little by little it will become a chronic periodontal disease. So as soon as you can make out that there is some pus in your mouth, pay a visit to your dentist. Nowadays there are very progressive techniques and machines that will eliminate your problem very quickly and almost without any pain. Usually several dentist appointments are needed. For example, if one has got very difficult and neglected case, the destruction of his sickness may take longer.

Pus in Gums: What to Do?

First of all, remember that your teeth are very sensitive. There is one taboo – don’t ever try to put something warm of hot against your cheek so it can heat up your painful place in mouth. The inflammatory process can’t stand heating and the pain and inflammation itself begins to grow bigger. In case you want t help yourself and make you awful pain a little bit lighter, put something cold on your cheek. It will sooth the nerves and stop the bacteria In pus from replication – even though it is very temporary measure.

If the tissue around your tooth is oozing with pus, don’t think that it is going to go away on its own. Actually the inflammation is very prolonged process and the pathological elements will be thriving for as long as you decide to take medications. Remember that you don’t have to start treatment only relying on your own knowledge and intuition. Antibiotics are the key to healed mouth but it the doctor who has the right to prescribe you the right ones as quick as you blood test and pus test result are ready. Only then the dentist can be sure about what caused your illness and in what way it is better to get rid of it. Improper or amateur curing can lead to extremely bad complications.

How to Treat the Ailment?

pus from gum lineThe treatment of pus from gum line should be conducted only under your dentist supervision. Inflammatory process with puss is quite dangerous as it may lead to infection getting into your bloodstream, or sometimes it may be entailed by death of the patient. Doctor is the one there to help you with your problem. He is going to ascertain what is going on with your mount, prescribe you necessary medications and even some home remedies. Homemade remedies are pretty helpful but only when used with antibiotics and antiviral solutions.

The process of treatment is begun when the dentist gives a close look to the patient’s mouth. He may palpate the damaged area, reduce the dental plaque from the surface of both teeth and gums, give recommendations about the toothbrush, toothpaste and so on. If there’s dental tartar in the mouth of the sick man, it is necessary to get rid of it as it can serve as the reason of pus from gums.

In case the puss is appearing all the time in the gums of the patient, the curettage is recommended. It means that the zit will be opened and its contents cleaned away. At the end of the procedure something soothing yet antibacterial has to be applied to the sore gum. After that the patient should stick to using herbal, flower, leaves and bark decoctions – or something more his dentist recommends him to do. The decoctions mustn’t be too hot or too cold, make sure it is comfortable to keep the liquid of such temperature in mouth.

It happens that the person doesn’t have any opportunity to get an appointment with the dentist. You should use only antiseptic lotions and solutions to rinse your mouth with. It will help you to reduce unpleasant feelings near the teeth. Feel free to use chamomile, rosemary and pennyroyal decoctions to make yourself feel better. When there is an opportunity to get to the doctor, don’t delay and rush healing your teeth.

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