Piece of Tooth Stuck in Gum – How to Perform First Aid?


Tooth removal is a very unpleasant procedure. If everything is done properly, the patient will have a difficult recovery period. However, the patient often faces some complications. Sometimes, there is a piece of tooth stuck in gum after tooth extraction. How to determine that the particles of the tooth are not completely removed, what to do in such cases, what complications it can lead to – let’s talk about it in detail.

Can a Fragment Remain in the Gum after Tooth Extraction?

After the tooth is pulled out, large or small fragments of it can remain in the soft tissues. This phenomenon belongs to the category of local complications. Most often, a part of tooth stuck in gum after the extraction of wisdom teeth. This is due to the fact that the third molars are located on the hard-to-reach area of the jaw, as well as due to the large size of the bone bodies and the complex, branched form of the roots. If the tooth was severely damaged, the root may crumble during extraction, and its particles remain in the gum. Sometimes complications occur due to the fact that the crown of the tooth, located next to the removed one, breaks down during extraction. In some cases, the reason is the lack of experience of the doctor who performed the operation.

Signs of the Presence of a Tooth Fragment

Immediately after the extraction, it is difficult to determine the presence broken piece of tooth stuck in gum, as the discomfort and pain vanish on the background of the consequences of the operation for extraction of the tooth. You should immediately contact the dentist if the following signs appear, which may indicate the presence of a fragment:

Qualified specialists always take additional measures to control the extraction of all bone fragments of the removed tooth. Often, to make sure that the operation was carried out correctly, the dentist puts all the extracted particles on one napkin. If the doctor has some doubts, he recommends the patient to undergo an additional x – ray examination. This is the only way to make sure that there is no piece of tooth stuck in gum.

Physiological and anatomical features of the patient’s jaw, the state of the tooth being removed and the professionalism of the dentist – the complex of these factors determines the likelihood that the extraction operation will take place with complications. For this reason, be responsible to choose a doctor who will remove the tooth, especially if we are talking about one of the third molars.

What to Do to Solve the Problem?

When the patient suspects that there is a piece of tooth in the gum, it is prohibited to perform home treatment. A popular folk remedy – sage tincture – can temporarily mask unpleasant symptoms, but will not eliminate the problem completely. To remove the spasm and get rid of pain for a while, you can take analgesics:

  1. piece of tooth stuck in gum cureKetonal. Take one tablet immediately after meals and drink plenty of liquid (preferably water).
  2. Analgin. Take 0.5 of a tablet, if the pain is not gone, you can take the remaining half. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth before taking the drug.
  3. Nimesil. Dissolve the powder in 0.5 cups of warm boiled water and drink immediately after meals. If necessary, the drug can be taken up to two times during the day.
  4. Nurofen. Take 1 tablet 3 to 4 times a day, but not more than 6 tablets per day.

You should contact your dentist as soon as possible. The doctor will examine the hole and perform a radiographic examination if there is any doubt. To solve the problem, the doctor can take the following measures:

  • perform the removal of a tooth fragment with a special tool (if the tooth particle is located close to the surface);
  • make an incision under local anesthesia, remove the fragment (if the bone tissue has settled deeply, the operation is safe).

When the residual fragments have been completely removed, the treatment of soft tissues near the well with antiseptic compounds is carried out. Sometimes there is a small sharp edge of bone tissue stuck in the gum. This is not a fragment, but a part of the jaw bone (its location is associated with the individual characteristics of the structure of the jaw in some people), if necessary, the dentist will grind it.

Sometimes the Fragment Can Come Out Itself

piece of tooth stuck in gum treatmentSometimes pieces of tooth roots with remnants of the dentin come out themselves. However, you should not expect that the problem with the fragment will be solved without the help of a specialist. It takes a long time for the fragment to reach the surface (sometimes up to several years). Even if at first the patient does not care about anything, serious complications may develop over time. If the fragment came out itself, you still need to visit the dentist to make sure that there are no other bone fragments stuck inside the gum. Sometimes you can come across the recommendation to carry out rinsing the mouth with a decoction of herbs, with a solution of soda or just water out the fragment from the gum. Remember that after the operation it is prohibited to rinse the oral cavity.

What Can Be the Consequences if You Do Not Remove a Piece of the Tooth?

A piece of tooth left in the gum after its extraction is a very common complication after such operations. Even an experienced doctor cannot always completely remove all bone fragments. If you do not seek medical help in a timely manner and leave a fragment (even the smallest) in the gum, a number of serious and dangerous complications could develop.

  1. Osteomyelitis
  2. Periostitis
  3. Abscess
  4. Fistula

Do not underestimate the complications that may occur in case there is a tooth fragment stuck in the gum. Do not try to solve the problem yourself, always seek medical help in a reliable dental clinic.

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