What Causes Tooth Pain after Dental Cleaning?


Toothache is quite a common and annoying case. If you feel pain or discomfort in your teeth, you should immediately go to the doctor for determining the cause and appropriate remedy.

Dental Teeth Cleaning and its Impact

teeth pain after dental cleaningA teeth cleaning at the dentist presupposes using ultrasound and water pressure, which removes dental tartar as well as many germs and bacteria that accumulated on the teeth. In addition, such a cleaning is an excellent prevention of diseases of the gums. It is possible to delete not only plaque, but also dental tartar which is located even below the level of the gums (in some cases it reaches the level of the roots).

If after an ordinary cleaning with a brush and toothpaste bacteria start to deposit themselves on the teeth and “pockets” in 2–6 hours, when using ultrasound the period significantly increases, and if you follow the rules of prevention after the procedure, you can avoid their appearance even for a longer period. As far as teeth pain after deep cleaning is concerned, it is also sometimes not possible to avoid. Today the most popular is the ultrasonic cleaning, but even the newest machines and tools are incapable of making the procedure painless if:

  • the patient has sensitive tooth enamel;
  • a procedure is carried out by not a professional dentist;
  • teeth are damaged by caries.
First and foremost, to avoid tooth pain after dental cleaning, you are to take care of the condition of your oral cavity before the procedure.

If you have visited a doctor, and there is caries or microcracks in your teeth, you cannot avoid pain. Healthy teeth do not react to this procedure as much as damaged ones do. So, the first condition of painless cleaning is healthy teeth, the second is the qualification of a specialist who will carry out the procedure. If it is a beginner or a person who has not established himself in this field, get ready to suffer from teeth hurt after cleaning, even if during the procedure you were provided with anesthesia. If your teeth still hurt after dental cleaning, you can relieve it by following certain rules:

  1. tooth hurts after dental cleaningafter the procedure you should refrain from taking hot drinks and food for two hours;
  2. for the whole day you will have not to eat coarse foods;
  3. for twelve hours don’t drink beverages and eat foods which can stain the enamel: wine, coffee, beets, etc.;
  4. be sure to replace your toothbrush, after that it will need to be replaced every three months;
  5. be sure to visit your doctor every three months;
  6. don’t forget to use various means providing care for the oral cavity (use those being advised by your dentist);
  7. if you feel intense pain, refrain from brushing and give your gums and teeth some rest.

What is to Be Done if the Pain Is Unbearable?

Of course, the best solution in cases of toothache of any kind is to seek the medical help of a dentist, but if there is no such possibility, it is necessary to take analgesic if the pain has become unbearable. If the feelings are not that intense, you can use some folk remedies, but remember that it is not a cure, and thus you will eliminate neither the cause nor the consequences of pain.The analgesics which can be used to relieve toothache are the following:

  1. tooth ache after dental cleaningAnalgin;
  2. Ketanov;
  3. Nurofen;
  4. Pentalgin.

It should be borne in mind that this is only temporary relief. Be sure to use mouthwashes – these can be either bought or made at home by using various herbs and other additives.

But however effective a rinsing might be, don’t forget that a visit to the doctor is necessary in any case. Otherwise, there may appear different complications and dental problems.

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