Is It Possible to Change Situation if One front Tooth Is Longer than Other?


one front tooth is higer than otherThe defect when the front teeth which the most important for the “smile line”, are different in length and one tooth is noticeably shorter than the other is not so common. However, this problem exists. Sometimes when one front tooth is longer than other teeth, it is noticeable even more than the crooked teeth. This leads to psychological discomfort and impaired diction. In addition it can cause different dental problems. After all, the load on the front incisors is uneven, which ultimately can lead to problems with loosening and loss of teeth.

What to Do when One front Tooth Is Higher than Other?

Orthodontic treatment

Braces are really a unique invention that can help with many teeth problems. In most cases, they really help with different lengths of the front teeth-especially if one of the incisors looks shorter than the other because of the wrong position in the mouth: for example, one tooth is strongly tilted back or forward, or grew a little behind or ahead of the other.

Such treatment will be long, but the most effective of all other methods of alignment of teeth of unequal length. Braces are able to “pull” the deep-seated tooth or to “drown” the one which is too prominent.

In any case, the dentist will determine the need for treatment with braces and a suitable bracket system. Even if the defect is too large, and braces do not improve the teeth completely, orthodontic treatment will significantly reduce the visual irregularity. This will help to avoid a number of other problems with malocclusion.

Teeth filing

one front tooth is longer than other after bracesIf one front tooth is longer than other after braces, you can resort to teeth filing. This procedure is carried out with various defects of the dentition: if the edges of the teeth are too sharp and scratch the cheeks and gums, or if the shape of the teeth is too triangular, as well as before the installation of crowns or veneers and before orthodontic treatment in some situations. The teeth are filed to make free space for further shift.

When filing of teeth the permissible layer of enamel is removed. In the process, excessive sensitivity of the teeth may occur. This defect is corrected by several procedures of remineralization and fluoridation of the enamel.


Another way to solve the problem when one front tooth is longer than other is installation of veneers. This is the fastest and most sparing method for healthy teeth. A thin porcelain plate pasted on the short tooth will visually one front tooth is longer than other onelengthen it, make it smooth and indistinguishable in shape and color from the rest of the dentition.

However, in fact the tooth will remain uneven, and will not be able to take on a full load. Therefore you should wear a veneer very carefully not to gnaw anything solid with it. In addition, if the problem is not only in the length of the tooth, but also in the gingival margin (it is also beveled), then with the installed veneer, a huge long tooth will appear.

In short, there are different options of teeth correction. Patients should be aware of each of them, but still, only a doctor could advise you a particular solution, as each situation has its specificities. What is good for one patient may be absolutely harmful for the other.

It is worth saying that different length of the teeth is not only an aesthetic problem. It may also lead to serious complications in future. Do not leave this without attention and consult a specialist.

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