Mouth Ulcers – Causes, Treatment and Diagnosis


Mouth ulcers and sores are an uncomfortable phenomenon. It is unpleasant, painful and prevents from chewing, talking, smiling and carrying out hygienic procedures. According to medical statistics, this problem is faced by one in five people. However, not everyone knows why do the sores occur and how to get rid of them. Painful wounds in the mouth are formed as a symptom of various diseases, both in adults and in children.

Causes of Mouth Ulcers

ulcers in mouth in childThe reason for the appearance of mouth ulcers can be both a diseases affecting the oral cavity and general diseases of the body, one of the manifestations of which are ulcers in the mouth. Local ailments include all kinds of stomatitis. Common diseases include diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, various infectious diseases, such as syphilis. In these cases, it is necessary to identify and cure the underlying cause, and then fight the manifestations.

Sometimes there are injuries of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, which are caused accidentally or involuntarily. Some people constantly bite their cheeks from the inside due to malocclusion or neurological problems. Mucosal trauma can be caused by a dentist when performing manipulations in the patient’s mouth. Such wounds pass on their own quite quickly.

Other Causes of Mouth Sores

Some diseases may manifest themselves with a symptom such as the formation of ulcers in the mouth, pustules and other damage to the mucous membrane:

  • ulcers in mouthUlcers on palate, tongue, cheeks and mucosa may be a consequence of diseases of the digestive tract
  • Tuberculosis process sometimes causes damage to the mouth mucosa when Mycobacterium tuberculosis penetrates into the oral cavity. As a rule, this is the way the secondary form disease manifests itself. First, the tubercles appear, gradually, they turn into ulcers on the palate, cheeks, and mucous membranes. These formations are painful, can bleed and do not heal for a long time.
  • In case pale treponema (the causative agent of syphilis) gets on the mucous membrane of the mouth, round formations of red or grayish color appear in the oral cavity. These formations are painless and stay two or three weeks. Syphilis requires immediate treatment under the supervision of a venereal doctor.
  • With pathologies of the endocrine system and hormonal failures, there are small painless ulcers in mouth. They do not heal for a long time, since the restoration of the hormonal background and the normal functioning of the endocrine system requires a long period.
  • Dermatological problems can affect the oral cavity and cause the appearance of pustules, wounds or other formations on mucous membranes, cheeks and upper palate. Often the cause of these diseases is genetic predisposition.

How to Remove Pustules and Wounds Occurred on the Mucous Membranes?

If ulcers or abscesses in the oral cavity appear as a result of infection, then tests are prescribed to identify the pathogen. For the treatment of Candida stomatitis, antifungal agents are used. If there is streptococcus or staphylococcus infection, antibiotic therapy is used. For the treatment of enterovirus, special means are prescribed that suppress its activity. Chronic aphthous stomatitis is difficult to cure, Tetracycline or Methyluracil are used to relieve the symptoms. For the treatment of lesions of the oral cavity doctors prescribe immunomodulators, vitamins, iron and magnesium preparations to replenish the deficit.

Home Treatment

It can be quite effective to treat stomatitis at home. However, it is better to combine home treatment with medications prescribed by a doctor. Using folk remedies, you can only relieve pain and accelerate the healing process. For symptomatic treatment, rinses and lotions from herbal decoctions are used. These infusions are taken inside to strengthen the body’s protective system. Remember that the treatment with folk remedies requires a systematic approach. After the wounds and sores disappear, you should continue to perform the treatment for a couple of days. For the treatment of mucosal damage you should choose plants with strong disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect:

  1. ulcers in mouth in adultherbs (chamomile, St. John’s wort, series, sage, calendula, oak bark). A tablespoon of chopped grass is poured with a glass of boiling water and left covered with a lid. The infusion should be filtered before use. The procedure is carried out three times a day. Rinse your mouth for at least a week until the ulcers disappear.
  2. Antiseptics and plants can be used for rinsing for example, Furatsilin or aloe juice.
  3. Soda dissolved in warm water helps to cope with injuries in the mouth (teaspoon per glass).
  4. Raw potatoes have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects. All you need is to anoint the affected area with a piece of tuber for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Garlic may also help. It has a powerful antiseptic effect and easily defeats the infection. For the treatment of stomatitis, make compresses of crushed garlic with yogurt.


Most often, the cause of mouth ulcers is reduced immunity, so it is necessary to strengthen the body’s defenses for prevention. If wounds in the mouth appeared due to any disease, it is necessary to treat it with effective means prescribed by a doctor. If you do not cure the ulcers and wounds formed in the mouth in time, this can lead to the development of complications. Purulent formations can provoke an abscess in the absence of therapy. In some cases, periadenitis develops.

To prevent the appearance of sores in the mouth, you should carefully monitor the health of the teeth and oral cavity, use a suitable and high-quality toothbrush. You should brush your teeth and tongue twice a day for at least 1.5 minutes. Relax, observe the daily routine, monitor your health and undergo regular medical examination. If you are allergic, you need to select the diet carefully and not to provoke the body to the immune response in the form of sores in the mouth.

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