Hole in Tooth Near Gum Line – How to Solve that Problem?


Cervical caries is considered one of the most dangerous types of tooth decay that destroys the tooth at its base. This kind of caries is considered to be so detrimental, because it penetrates deep into the tooth and affects all the channels. Cervical caries results in a hole in tooth near gum line. So far as the symptoms of cervical caries are concerned, they are exactly the same as in ordinary caries, but its impact can be much more pernicious. If you fail to contact your dentist, the consequences can be irreparable. Statistics show that such decay usually occurs in people who are over 30 years old.

How to Treat Cervical Caries?

small hole in front tooth near gum lineCervical caries, treatment of which is not so difficult, can cause certain complications. In most cases, the instance of this tooth decay is treated like ordinary caries, but difficulties can occur when the area of distribution of cervical caries affects the gums. So, a small hole in front tooth near gum line (as well as in other teeth) can cause severe complications.

A hole in tooth near gum line may first appear as slight enamel darkening or the appearance of spots. If you notice anything like this, it is recommended consulting a doctor immediately. Acute reaction of the tooth to hot or cold indicates that the condition of your teeth deviated from the norm; it is possible that you have cervical caries developed. It is also advisable to refer to the endocrinologist in some cases, especially when this disease affected the neighboring area.

Treatment and Prevention of Cervical Caries

Treatment of cervical caries is not different from the usual treatment of caries. But in the untimely appeal to the dentist, the disease develops and there appears the necessity of filling and cleaning channels.

In the application of certain measures, it is possible to exclude the development of this disease. First of all, it is highly recommended not to neglect basic hygiene procedures, namely: brushing teeth twice a day — in the morning and in the evening. During the day, after a meal, you can use a dental floss. In the morning, you can make use of gel, but before bedtime, the teeth should be cleaned with toothpaste. It’s noteworthy that teeth have to be cleaned properly — from the base of the tooth to the tip.

small hole in tooth near gum lineIf you are a supporter of preventive methods, then it is preferable to visit the doctor now and then; this is done so that the doctor can carry out teeth cleaning on a professional level, remove the plaque and efficiently clean each tooth at its base. Under these procedures, your teeth can change their color; they will acquire their natural tinge.

If you have cervical caries, but you managed to detect it at the early stage, do not despair and just visit the dentist. Thanks to modern techniques, there is a possibility to cure a hole in front tooth near gum line without the use of sealing. It concerns not only the front teeth, but any other ones affected by cervical caries.

If you still failed to detect the disease at the early stage, it is most reasonable to carry out the remineralization of your enamel. This procedure is very common not only in the prevention of cervical caries, but also in other varieties of this disease. The essence of this process is that it leads to regeneration of enamel. Remineralization is also used in deep cleaning and whitening the teeth.

The Causes of Development

The cause of cervical caries is cariogenic microorganisms that are part of hard plaque and soft plaque. Poor oral hygiene leads to the development of cervical caries, the consequence of which may lead to caries of the root of tooth, and the treatment for it is not so simple. For this, you will need to have a complete cleaning done, as well as sealing.

hole in front tooth near gum lineIn the process of its development, cervical caries goes through several stages: from white spots to deep caries. At that stage, when the cervical caries has the appearance of a white spot on the enamel, there is no carious effect as such. These areas can have color from dull to bright white hue. If in this case you do not visit the doctor and negative factors still continue to affect the tooth, the white spots go into superficial, middle and deep carious cavity.

Diagnosis of cervical caries does not present a difficulty, because white spots can be clearly seen on the tooth surface. If you dry your teeth, then you yourself can see these white spots on the surface in the mirror. Also, you may see them with the help of special solutions on the basis of dyes. You will need to rinse your mouth with this solution. Where the saturation of the calcium is poor, the dye enters and remains there, as the demineralized enamel is quite porous. Then the mouth is rinsed with water, and the dye remains only where there are problems.

In fact, everything is in your hands; you yourself are responsible for the health of your teeth. You should take care of your teeth carefully and thoroughly. Preventive and stable visits to the dentist will help you in making your teeth never have a problem of any caries. And if you experience the symptoms of this disease, you should not postpone your visit to the dentist – it is quite possible that your problem is quite easy to solve.

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