Why Does not Hole Heal after Tooth Extraction?


Unfortunately, every person will face the procedure of tooth extraction at least once in his/her life. After this unpleasant operation, there is a hole in the gum, where the roots of the tooth used to be. It should heal over time. However, it sometimes happens that the hole from tooth extraction is not closing without assistance.

How Long Does the Hole Heal after Tooth Extraction?

As a rule, this process is strictly individual. It is impossible to predict how long will the hole in the gum heal. This will depend on a person’s lifestyle, behavior and processes in his body. You can only focus on certain processes that can take place at this time:

  1. hole does not close after tooth extractionimmediately after extraction, the tooth begins to bleed and this is quite natural. A blood clot is formed in the hole. Do not remove the blood clot, as it is the protection of the body against inflammation.
  2. for several days, the blood clot blocks the bleeding and is gradually replaced by granulation tissue;
  3. after the formation of granulation tissue, the bone tissue appears. As a result, there is a smooth surface on the lower jaw where the roots of the tooth used to be, and a smooth gum above it.

Why Can Hole Heal during a Long Time?

Unfortunately, the natural healing process, which usually takes a certain amount of time (within 2-2.5 weeks), can be delayed much longer when the hole from tooth extraction is not closing. Sometimes it takes even up to 50 days. As has been already mentioned, it will depend on the individual characteristics of the organism and the situation. But also external factors can affect it.

hole does not heal after tooth extraction causesIf the wound after tooth extraction turned out to be sloppy or torn, the hole from tooth extraction is not closing due to the dentist’s mistakes made during the operation or because of the individual characteristics of the patient. The same rule applies to situations when the gum and the hole itself are damaged, for example, if the tooth was knocked out.

Infection could also prolong the healing process. If there is a blood clot in place, the chance of its occurrence is not so high. But it often happens that the infection was brought directly during the operation, when the carious remains of the tooth penetrate into the depth of the wound. Then it starts to fester. In this case, it is necessary to see a doctor to avoid further infection.

It is important to properly care for the oral cavity, prevent food from entering the tooth hole and follow all the instructions of the doctor. If the hole from tooth extraction is not closing, you should consult your dentist in order to avoid further complications and problems.

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