Gum Sores and Plague: Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment


Sometimes a mysterious pellicle appears on the gums, which does not cause discomfort, but has some aesthetic problem. In fact, gum sores serve as a signal of serious pathology.

What Can Cause the Disease?

gum sores from bracesThe most popular cause of plaque on the gums of the adult and child is the stomatitis. White pellicle is the pus that occurs with such infections. With the development of the disease there are boils in the mouth. They should be rinsed with solutions with antibacterial properties, and treated with special ointments. Another reason is candidiasis. It appears with weakened immunity (for example, diabetes or HIV), when the gum is attacked by a fungus. A similar reaction is characteristic of bronchial asthma or as a result of prolonged use of antibacterial drugs.

The plague around the gums occurs temporarily. You will forget about it after professional cleaning of the teeth at the dentist, as well as using the mouthwashes regularly. This plague disappears by itself until the end of the day. Sometimes this phenomenon manifests itself as a consequence of trauma, emptying of the cyst or lipoma. Gum sores after dental work isn’t the most rare thing, too. You should be careful when this symptom occurs, which is included in the list of signs of gum cancer in the initial stage.

If the plaque does not seem to mean any pathology, self-cleaning of teeth occurs during eating and chewing. But that’s just where the food touches them. The food gets stuck at the bottom of the teeth and between them near the gums, it is not eliminated on its own. It leads to the reproduction of bacteria in the form of a film. Therefore, another cause of plaque on the gums in an adult is a bad oral hygiene.

How to Brush the Teeth Properly?

It is important to pay special attention to the interdental space while brushing and clean in the far corners of the mouth. Take a look at your toothbrush. It should not be soft, otherwise the bristles will not cope with the removal of plague, which also harden over time.

During meals you should pay attention to the process of chewing. Do not chew only on one side, because the teeth are cleaned in contact with food. If you deprive them of this work, the harmful bacteria begin developing.

But not every food helps to eliminate bacteria. Hard and solid products with fiber should be present in the diet. Too soft food gets stuck between the teeth, and it is difficult to eliminate even dental floss.

Gum Sores After Tooth Extraction

gum soresThere are special signs, which indicate a serious pathology in combination with the plaque, that arises after tooth extraction:

  1. The temperature does not drop for 3 days.
  2. There’s a lot of grey plaque inside the pit.
  3. At the site of removal there is a strong throbbing pain or pain resembling an electric shock.

The grey plague that envelops the hole in the place of the removed tooth is a symptom of the alveolitis.  It’s an inflammatory disease of the pit. If you add pain, the state is twice as dangerous. It is necessary to appeal to the dentist as soon as possible. When the problem arose at night, in any case do not wait until the morning. You need to call an ambulance.

White Plague at Children

Similar formations occur even in a child’s gums. In children, the gums are perfectly smooth, pink, without swelling. But there are special cases when a child has this disease. The reasons are:

  • um sores from dental workStomatitis. Like at adult, this symptom primarily speaks of this disease. For early elimination of the disease acidic and spicy food should be excluded from the diet, also the child should eat only porridges and mashed potato for several days.
  • The initial stage of measles. There are white spots on gum with a red frame with this pathology.
  • Teething. White patches in newborn signal the imminent eruption of the teeth. Such spots are not dangerous.
  • Poor hygiene. Many parents believe that if the child has no teeth, it is too early to carry out oral hygiene. But it’s not. After each meal (even if it is mother’s milk), it is necessary to clean the gums. Soda solution shows good efficiency. With its help, the treatment of the gums and the first teeth is carried out. To do this, a teaspoon of powder is diluted in a glass of water. Then the adult wraps a bandage on the finger, drops it into the solution and wipe the baby’s gums.
  • A lack of calcium. The breast milk contains not all useful elements and vitamins. Often this phenomenon is present in young mothers or those who have bad habits. The lack of folic acid, iron and other vitamins, as well as viruses, stress, poisoning lead to a white plaque, which entails stomatitis.

If the child has been wearing braces for a long time, it may be the reason of grey and white plague. Gum sores from braces are easy to eliminate. The braces just need to be taken off. If it’s not possible, let your child rinse the mouth with herbal decoctions.

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