The Fever After Tooth Extraction – Is It Normal Phenomenon?


It happens that the ill tooth has the only fate – to be extracted. Everyone should know what to do after the resection and if there’s going to be high temperature or not. What are the actions in this situation? Continue reading and you’ll find out what are the best ways out when you have very painful experience with your extracted teeth.

Why is There a Fever After Tooth Surgery?

the fever after tooth surgeryThis operation may not seem significant but it’s pretty serious one. In most cases you get fever up to 39°C during the next couple of days after the surgery. Do not think that it is something strange – it’s totally acceptable situation. The patient’s immunity starts fighting the bacterium which came to your body through the bleeding sore in the mouth. If the surgery went good, you are going to get rid of fever within 2-3 days.

Certainly the cause for fever can be completely different. The patient could just get a cold or an influence the same day with the tooth extraction. In this case the body fights these bacteria or a virus, not the microorganisms that allegedly got into blood during the operation. To make sure it’s simple cold, check if you have running nose, sore throat, cough or general feeling of weakness

How Long Does the Fever Last?

The fever after tooth extraction can bother you for a couple of days following the removal. The high body temperature must be constantly getting lower, reaching normal 36,6°C. In case you do not see any changes concerning your condition, it means your body is in danger and the help of a doctor is advisable.

The reason why the patient has the fever for so long may lay in him postponing the visit to a dentist. The tooth was getting worse little by little, and eventually we have a complicated case which is not so easy to cure. Also remember, that we’re all different and our reaction to some meds can entail high temperature.

What Causes the Fever?

You should treat tooth removal as a significant surgery. First of all, the dentist injects the pain-reducing med, prepares his tools and starts removing the bad tooth. In some cases cutting gums is necessary because there’s no other way the doctor can extract the tooth. If it’s a very massive one, the dentist must be extremely careful because the pain is going to be unbearable. It must be clear that fever isn’t that strange after such a surgery. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why exactly the patient can get high body temperature. The fever may be entailed by:

  • fever after tooth surgeryLittle piece of bone in the pit;
  • The gum is damaged by the tools;
  • Alveolitis. It means that your body can not fight even the lightest infection getting into the body.
  • The cyst. This is a pimple that consists of pus, dead tissue cells and bacterium. It is developed right on the gum or a tooth root due to many reasons;
  • The maxillary sinus is affected because of the operation, and consequently the inflammatory process is ready to be started.

Home Remedies

During the first 3 days, the fever after surgical tooth extraction may be successfully cured with some homemade medicines. Random rinsing, decoctions and lotions are going to help the sick man to ease his awful pain:

  1. fever after sugical tooth extractionYou need to drink a lot of warm drinks so they can reduce the amount of harmful elements in the body and make the immunity stronger. Different herbs and flowers like oak, chamomile, birch would be exceptionally good while having severe pain.
  2. Have a compress with some cold water. Please add some apple vinegar ti the liquid if possible. The compress will help to get rid of fever.
  3. Have some fresh air. Go out and let your body cool itself.
  4. Change your diet. Look closely to the products you buy. Get focused on what can make you stronger and healthier. Concentrate the attention on fruits, berries, veggies, sour dairy products, freshly pressed juices.
  5. Herbal decoction and enema is one of the best option when one needs to make his temperature lower. The addition of any vegetable oil is highly recommended. This method is the easiest and the most quickly. When the fever is too strong, use an enema.

Remember that you cannot take pills like aspirin while having fever after tooth extraction, because such meds make the blood too liquid which is dangerous in case of random bleeding: the blood won’t coagulate fast. These medications are quite harmful for your whole body.

Medications made at home may definitely be good for you only when you do not overuse them. Anyway it’s always more efficient to make an appointment with you dentist. Having fever is not fatal, you shouldn’t worry so much about it. It is ordinary when you get your tooth taken away. Just try to listen to your body and learn to ascertain what condition you have and what could be the cause of it. Do not omit visiting the doctor when in doubt and can’t cope with your illness on your own. Doctors know better and they are always there to help you.

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