Complications After Tooth Extraction – Different Ways of Treatment


Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure, therefore some complications are not excluded. The complexity is to distinguish natural complications after tooth extraction from pathological ones. In the case of the latter, immediately consult a doctor. Common complications occur when the tooth is removed and they affect the whole body. This is reaction to stress and pain. Sometimes patients fall unconscious. Painful shock is possible.

Local Complications After Tooth Extraction

Local complications arise after tooth extraction. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Pain on Tooth Extraction Place

It is quite natural thing. Since you passed a surgery and the process of reconstruction and regeneration began. So discomfort and dull aching pain in the area of the wound is normal and it will pass in a few days. Often gums pains after tooth extraction. In an extreme case it is recommended to use light pain management medications.

Swelling of the Gums

A swelling often occurs after tooth extraction. It can be in the form of a small swelling of the gums or cheeks and even little gum-boil. Attachment of ice or water bottles with cold water can help a lot, do it soon after a visit to the dentist while swelling has not evolved too much. If after a couple of days the condition is not improved and swelling only increases – perhaps, inflammation began. In this case address to a doctor.


Bleeding after tooth removal always happens. Some time after the operation blood oozes from a wound. But gradually begins the healing process and then the blood stops. To accelerate this process apply gauze swabs to a sore and gently squeeze it. And if the blood flows and flows for many hours – consult a doctor.


It is natural phenomenon. For several days the temperature rises slightly up to 37 degrees. This usually occurs late in the afternoon. If it disturbs you, you can take febrifuges. However, if the temperature is very high and it does not subside, you should consult a dentist. It is possible that infection is started to develop. If any of cheese symptoms concern you a lot – go to the doctor.

Why Does the Tooth Ache After Removal?

complications after tooth surgeryNot passing aching pain in the gums and the deterioration of the general condition can occur if:

  1. Damaged lesions of the nerves in the soft tissue around the alveolar socket.
  2. On the upper jaw, periosteal – hematoma is formed.
  3. Jaw is damaged after a difficult tooth extraction with branched roots or badly shattered dental crown.
  4. Also there can be incomplete tooth extraction.

We can judge about the cause of the pain according to the place of its localization in the throat, cheeks or alveolar socket.

Alveolar Socket and Wound Pain After Tooth Extraction

Pain persists over the 7-10 days, because in this type of surgery, gums are injured more and deeper. If the pain is in alveolar socket has increased at the second-third day after extraction and there is a gray coating on the wound, fever and an unpleasant odor and taste in the mouth – perhaps this is alveolitis, the inflammation of an infected jaw of the alveolar socket, and it’s time to consult a dentist.

Why Throat and Cheek Ache?

complications after tooth extraction with abscessA sore throat most likely occurs after the extraction of side chewing and wisdom teeth. The cause could be such a serious pathology, as a hematoma. Symptoms of hematoma are:

  • increase of lymph glands;
  • difficulty opening the mouth;
  • increased body temperature up to 38 degrees.

Swollen cheek – if the swelling on it was present before extraction, asymmetrical face will be within 2-3 days after the procedure. There is not direct threat to health.

Why There is Sore Jaw or Adjacent Tooth?

Throbbing pain in the jaw is usually the result of damage to the bone and localized development of the inflammatory process in them – osteomyelitis. Pain in the adjacent teeth may be a symptom of dislocation in difficult removal, therefore, this is a direct indication for carrying out repeated x-rays.

What to Do if a Tooth Ache Appear After Removal?

If the toothache caught on a weekend or holiday, and toy can not consult a dentist, then following means will help you:

  1. painkillers – drink a tablet of Ibuprofen, Paracetamol or Ketanov;
  2. cold compresses – apply them to the painful area for 10-15 minutes every 2-3 hours;
  3. decoctions of herbs chamomile, sage or oak bark, cooled to room temperature – hold in the mouth a few seconds without rinsing, in order not to impede the healing.

This means will temporarily relieve pain, but in no case replace dental therapy in a clinic setting.

Treatment of Complications

Nagging pain in the gums in the first 24 hours after the procedure is natural, physiological response of the body to the surgery. Pay attention if following complications of tooth extraction with abscess on gum occurred:

  • complications after surgical tooth extractionthrobbing pain referred to the ear or neck;
  • bad breath;
  • high temperature on the second or third day after extraction;
  • edema, gum-boil and pain when touching the alveolar socket.

These symptoms indicate the development of complications of tooth extraction and the correct solution is to turn to a dentist that will purge (curettage) alveolar socket from purulent accumulations and the remaining particles. Then he will wash the wound with antiseptic solution and use clinical application and if necessary, prescribe antibiotic injections to the gums. These procedures will sooth pain syndrome and you will feel much better after leaving the dentist’s cabinet.

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