How to Save Your Teeth From Coffee Stains?


Snow-white smile always attracts others, but such a smile can be greatly spoiled by the plaque on the teeth. Such things are often found in smokers, and the plaque from coffee on the teeth is a common problem among fans of an invigorating drink. But is it possible to get rid of ugly scurf without giving up coffee?

Why Are There Stains?

It is commonly thought that plaque on teeth appears as a result of bad habits, in particular, smoking. Indeed, smokers can be easily recognized by the yellow teeth and the characteristic smell of the mouth. However, smoking is not the only cause of the plaque.

Love for coffee is another common reason for changing the shade of tooth enamel and the appearance of plaque on the teeth. The coffee beans contain natural dyes, due to this stains on teeth from coffee are so difficult to wash away, and various coffee scrubs not just polish the skin, but also give it a dark shade. If there is plaque on the teeth (and it is formed almost after any meal), it is quickly colored under the influence of coffee pigments and becomes very noticeable. The situation is aggravated by lack of hygiene. The results in the form of a plaque will not be long in coming if:

  • stained teeth from coffeeIf you clean your teeth less than twice a day;
  • if you neglect the cleaning of the interdental space (and it is neglected by many of us) and the back surface of the teeth;
  • if you clean your teeth not carefully enough.

Moreover, initially the plaque has a light shade, but it is colored under the influence of coffee over time and becomes more solid until it is transformed into a dental stone, which can be removed only in the dentist’s office.

How to Prevent Brown Stains?

It would seem that everything is simple: you need to give up the use of coffee, and then the teeth will not be darkened. But for many of us, drinking a refreshing beverage is a lifestyle, a habit that is impossible to refuse. Doctors are constantly arguing about whether coffee is useful for health or not, there are many studies that confirm the benefit of this drink, and there are many tests that prove its harm. And still for many people morning coffee drinking is a mandatory ritual, which life loses its meaning without. Preventing the emergence of stained teeth from coffee is possible. This will require a special way to care for the teeth.

  1. coffee stains on teethFirst of all, you need to brush your teeth carefully. And it is desirable to do this not only in the morning and in the evening, but after each cup of coffee. In addition to a toothbrush you need to apply dental floss for perfect cleaning of interdental spaces.
  2. If you cannot clean your teeth after coffee, it is desirable to eat an apple. This fruit’s flesh is good at releasing the teeth of soft plaque that has absorbed the coloring from coffee.
  3. After a meal, it is also good to chew a gum, perhaps with a bleaching effect. Although most dentists believe that the effectiveness of chewing gum is greatly exaggerated, such means allow briefly normalize the acid-alkaline balance in the oral cavity, and, consequently, slow the growth of bacteria that are responsible for the appearance of plaque on the teeth. It is also helpful to use a mouthwash for teeth. Such products have a slight antibacterial impact, they freshen breath and block the formation of plaque.

When Prevention Doesn’t Work?

stains on teeth from coffeeStains on teeth from coffee can emerge even if you take a really good care of your mouth. Real coffee lovers, who indulge themselves with a fragrant drink not only in the morning, but also during the day, risk facing a plaque on the teeth, even if all kinds of preventive measures are taken. In this case, you cannot live without regular visits to the dentist. Professional cleaning at the doctor twice a year will remove the slightest scurf, both soft and dense. After cleaning, the teeth are often covered with special compounds that make the enamel smoother and harder. This simple measure reduces the likelihood of plaque on the enamel, as the food pieces do not adhere to the smooth surface.

Visit your dentist for professional cleaning of coffee stained teeth from dark plaque. Before cleaning, it is necessary to examine the oral cavity and identify if there’s caries. Maybe you are going to find some more pathologies that need to be treated as soon as possible. Get an appointment with the doctor at least twice a year.

Professional cleaning is not recommended if the enamel is too thin and the teeth are sensitive. In addition, different types of cleaning have their own contraindications. It is better to consult a professional dentist.

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