What to Do when a Child’s Tooth Turned Black?


Many parents believe that the milk teeth do not require special care. However, this is not true. You should take care for the teeth from early childhood. Otherwise the problems with the teeth will accompany you throughout the life. The problem of a child’s teeth turning black often goes together the formation of a dark plaque and unpleasant smell from the oral cavity. Just a few people know why these unpleasant problems occur.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

The most common reason for child’s teeth turning black is the occurrence of bottle caries. What should be done in these cases? Upon identification of the first symptoms of enamel darkening you should immediately contact a pediatric dentist. Features of bottle caries are:

  • rchild's teeth turning black causesapid spread. If you do not take the necessary measures for treatment in a timely manner, you can eventually lose a tooth quickly;
  • this type of carious occurs due to the night sucking of the bottle;
  • when sucking the bottle the formation of a sweet environment is observed in the child’s mouth. This environment is perfect for reproduction and rapid spread of pathogenic bacteria;
  • as a result, it causes the formation of carious cavities.

Many parents believe that baby teeth do not need to be treated as they will come out. But it is worth considering that premature destruction and loss of teeth can lead to improper formation of the jaw.

Dental Fluorosis

During fluorosis baby teeth are turning black and there are spots on the enamel. This process occurs due to the high content of fluorine. How treatment is carried out:

  1. at the initial stage, the dentist performs procedures for the restoration of enamel and remineralization of tissues;
  2. after treatment, the child should consume as much products containing calcium, vitamins D, K, E, as possible;
  3. if there are deeper lesions, then the filling material is used to restore.

Metabolic Disorder

Blackening of teeth, the appearance of spots on the enamel in children can occur due to metabolic disorders. This may be caused by unbalanced nutrition or due to poor calcium absorption. Consequences:

  • child's teeth turning black treatmentfirst of all, there is a change in the composition of saliva in the oral cavity;
  • alkaline composition in the oral cavity is violated;
  • dense plaque is accumulated on the surface of the enamel, which turns black after a while.

Deterioration of the quality of teeth can occur due to the frequent use of sweet products, as well as due to non-compliance with the necessary hygienic care. If your child has problems with teeth due to metabolic disorders, you should immediately contact the pediatric dentist.


Sometimes baby teeth are going black as a result of strong blows and injuries of the teeth. During trauma there is a violation of blood circulation and innervation of tissues. All this leads to the death of tissues. After that, there is a darkening and blackening of the crowns of damaged teeth. Damaged teeth do not hurt. However, in the area of the roots of the teeth, a cyst may appear. Flux may also occur. Purulent processes can cause the destruction of the rudiment of the permanent molar. Therefore, if after an injury or impact you notice that the child has a darkening of the enamel of the teeth, you should immediately contact the dentist.


Dentists advise to take care of the teeth since childhood. However, even careful and regular hygiene cannot protect the child from premature blackening or tooth decay. Therefore, if you suddenly notice the darkening of the teeth of your child, it is best to immediately contact the dentist. The doctor will conduct a survey, identify the cause of darkening of the enamel and prescribe the necessary treatment. Only the doctor will be able to provide effective therapeutic measures:

  1. child's tooth turning blackto eliminate blackening at the initial stage, the doctor can perform a silvering therapy. During this treatment, the surface of the teeth is covered with a special composition containing silver.
  2. There is another effective method that eliminates carious lesions – fissure sealing. Folds or recesses are filled with a special composition. As a result, all pathogenic bacteria cease to spread and actively multiply.
  3. If the disease is caused by a lack of fluoride, fluoridation of the teeth is carried out.

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