Canker Sore on Tongue – Is It a Reason to See a Doctor?


Sores on the tongue can occur for various reasons: due to external influence, due to diseases of the oral cavity or as one of the symptoms of some common diseases of the organism. The sores located on the tongue are erosive defects of mucous membrane, which are accompanied by pain and inflammation.

Causes of Canker Sores on Tongue

In order to cure this disease it is important to determine why sores on tongue appeared. Causes can be divided into three main groups.

The First Group of Causes: Diseases of the Oral Cavity

  1. canker sore on tongue causesAphthous stomatitis. It is characterized by the appearance of minor ulcers, which are called aphtes on the tongue or other parts of oral cavity. Sore in this case may be single, but also there can be several aphtes. Aphtes are extremely painful and deliver significant discomfort, preventing normal eating and impeding the ability to talk. Normal duration of healing ulcers is one week.
  2. Herpetic stomatitis. In this case, there is a lot of small ulcers that look like regular herpes rash on lips. Their boundaries are blurred and the base has a grayish tint. They offer occur on the bottom surface of the tongue and the lower roof of the mouth. They heal normally from 7 to 10 days, scars after them is not remained.
  3. Simple stomatitis. In this case, a single ulcer often appears, but also can occur two-three ulcers simultaneously. The central part of the sore for simple stomatitis is covered with a thin skin of white or grayish-yellow color.
  4. Candidiasis (fungal) stomatitis or thrush. Sores are always white. There is white sore on the entire surface of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Candidiasis stomatitis is more common in younger children, but may occur in adults of any age.
  5. Recurrent necrotizing periadenitis. In the submucosal tissues ulcers appear first and then sores appear. They have thick raised edges. Ulcers are very painful. Located on the lateral surfaces of the tongue or cheeks and lips. This is a very serious illness, during which the cankers may not heal within a few months.
  6. Bednar’s aphthae is a children’s disease. These are canker sores on tongue side covered with light yellow accretion. The reason for this variety of aphtes – poor hygiene of the oral cavity.

The appearance of ulcers, the duration of the healing and treatment methods depend on a kind of sores on tongue. Photos of inflammation show that there are differences in form, mucosal lesions and colour depth.

The Second Group of Causes: Mucosal Injuries on the Tongue

Traumatic ulcers are formed because of external influences. Among the most frequent causes:

  • canker sore on tongue sideunexpected dental bites;
  • injuries caused by excessively rigid toothbrush;
  • mucous membrane irritation by products or medicines;
  • sharp edges of teeth or fillings that are traumatic for tongue;
  • poorly made dentures or system for the correction of bite;
  • bad dental treatment and trauma of tongue with medical tools.

Traumatic ulcers are less painful than ulcers caused by diseases of the oral cavity. If they do not have the irritating effects of, for example, overly acidic, spicy or hot food, then sores heal fast enough.

The Third Group of Factors: Common Diseases

  1. Due to the viral infections, allergic stomatitis, general fatigue or hypothermia, necrotizing gingivostomatitis can be developed. The external manifestation of it is sores on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, including the tongue. Other symptoms: abrupt bad breath, profuse salivation, high temperature, yellow-gray accretion on the gums. Canker sores on tongue are distinguished by jagged edges, a greenish deposit and hemophilia.
  2. Tuberculosis. If you have pulmonary tuberculosis, perhaps you can face secondary disease – tuberculosis of the oral cavity. This happens due penetrations of tuberculosis bacteria into the mucous membrane. In this case ulcers are friable, bleeding, with jagged edges. The disease is accompanied by a fever and symptoms of malaise.
  3. Syphilis. The infectious disease caused by a pale treponema. During all periods of development of the disease, in addition to the incubation, there are sores in the mouth. They can be located on the tongue and the cheeks, the roof of the mouth or on the lips. Sores heal long up to 3-4 months; scars remain on their place in the form of stars.
  4. HIV. In 30% of cases of immunodeficiency ulcers occur in the oral cavity. Ulcers appear on the tongue, lips, and cheeks.

Treatment of Ulcers on the Tongue with Different Diseases

canker sore on tongue treatmentThe reason of appearing ulcers is primarily determined. The way of treatment depends on due to which disease (the external or internal) the problem occurred. If canker sore on tongue side is diagnosed as a disease, the treatment will depend on the particular variety. Herpetic stomatitis is treated by groups of drugs that affect the herpes virus. The external means such as acyclovir can be applied. if candidiasis stomatitis a doctor appointed antifungal drugs. Treatment for aphthous stomatitis is the course of antibiotic therapy and intake of corticosteroids and sulfonamides.

Necrotizing gingivostomatitis is treated with antibiotics and anti-allergic drugs. Vitamins are prescribed, healing high-calorie diet, in some cases, means to enhance the functioning of the circulatory system. Necrotic tissues are removed under local anesthesia; the affected areas are treated with antiseptic preparations.

Ulcers are formed due to the traumatic impact, if they have a small surface and do not cause pain, can heal on their own without treatment. To speed up the healing process or when extensive injuries, local therapy is held.

In the case of common diseases of the organism the specialized treatment is assigned. Treatment of tuberculosis and syphilis is performed in specialized medical institutions. HIV treatment is performed by infectious disease doctors; To facilitate the condition, local treatment of infected mucous membranes is conducted.

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