Why Can Be Found Bumps on Tongue?


People quite often complain that they have bumps on tongue. This is a common problem. The oral cavity is considered the dirtiest place in the body, so even minor damage to the mucosa causes inflammation. It may also be the reaction to food and hygiene products. However, sometimes such rashes speak of more serious problems.


This fungal disease affects not only the genitals. Pathogens feel comfortable in any place where it is dark, warm and humid. When the oral cavity is affected, red pimples, covered with a white coating occur on the tongue and cheeks. The process is usually accompanied by abundant formation of sputum in the throat. There are also signs of candidiasis in the genital area: itching, burning, curd discharge. For treatment, antifungal drugs for oral administration and antiseptic rinses are used.

Stomatitis and Herpes

Stomatitis is affection of the mucous membrane in the mouth, which, presumably, is autoimmune in nature. Also, the cause of bumps on tongue may be non-compliance with hygiene, gastrointestinal diseases or helminthiasis. Pathology red bump on tonguemanifests itself in the form of white pimples on the tongue or cheeks. Surrounding tissues swell, redden and become painful. Sometimes there is a white or yellow plaque, gums bleed. There is a bad breath. Spots of different size appear on the tongue. Specific treatment is not required. It is enough to pay special attention to oral hygiene. In the presence of provoking factors, it is necessary to treat primary diseases.

Ordinary or genital herpes may appear in the mouth. The pathology is accompanied by an increase in temperature, weakness and dizziness. On the mucous membrane there are rashes in the form of transparent bubbles filled with turbid liquid. There are also bumps on back of tongue. After the pimples are opened ulcers appear on the tongue. Such ulcers heal within a few days. Treatment involves taking antiviral drugs and strengthening the immune system.


Angina is an infection of the tonsils. Most often, the causative agents are streptococci and staphylococci. Sometimes pathology can be triggered by candidiasis. The disease is characterized by purulent rashes in the tonsils, there are bumps on back of tongue that hurt. Also, there is an increase in temperature, sharp pain in the throat preventing swallowing, inflammation of local lymph nodes. In addition to pimples, there are small erosive areas covered with purulent and fibrous plaque. Therapy depends on the pathogen. The doctor prescribes antibiotics or antifungal agents.


Allergy may also provoke the appearance of red pimples on the tongue. The reaction occurs due to oral hygiene products, foods, medicines. Rashes are usually small and abundant. In severe cases, the tongue may swell. To get rid of the problem, it is enough to take an antihistamine and eliminate the source of allergens.


bumps on tongue causesIn other words, it is an inflammation of the tissues of the tongue. It occurs under the influence of pathogenic bacteria, due to non-compliance with oral hygiene or injury. Often the cause of the problem is spicy, hot or salty food, as well as alcohol and tobacco smoke. This disease is not characterized by rash. Swollen and reddened papillae may look like pimples. The tongue increases in size and becomes of more saturated color. The tissues become soft and painful. There are difficulties with swallowing, chewing and speaking. For treatment, rinsing with disinfectant solutions or decoctions of medicinal herbs is used. To heal the damage ointments or oil with vitamin A are used. During treatment you should exclude irritating food, refrain from alcohol and smoking.


The tongue can be damaged by teeth, braces, cutlery or solid food. The result is a black pimple on the tongue. Do not be afraid. It just looks terrifying. In fact, it is only the accumulation of blood under the mucosa. It is easy to get rid of the problem. It is necessary to treat the oral cavity with antiseptics. You can burn the damaged area with iodine. It is important to pay special attention to hygiene to prevent the wound from infection.

Systemic diseases

on tongue bumpsYou can determine the general state of the body by the appearance of the tongue. Rashes in the oral cavity often signal indicate serious pathologies of the internal organs. It can be problems with the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, dangerous infectious diseases like syphilis and tuberculosis. In this case, the usual measures for the treatment of acne in the mouth will not help. Complex treatment is required.

Pimples on tongue occur quite often. Everyone has faced such a problem at least once in the life.  Most often, this phenomenon does not threaten anything except temporary discomfort. However, sometimes with the help of such a symptom the body gives us signals of the development of a dangerous disease.

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