Brown Stains on Teeth -Effective Ways to Deal with Such Problem


It is difficult to imagine an attractive person without charming white smile. It means that every one of us has to pay a lot of attention to his teeth. Not sticking to everyday personal hygiene is one of the most common reasons that lead to plaque and unpleasant odor from his mouth. Moreover, his tongue and gums will also have this terrible scurf.

Little pieces of food and random bacteria that are produced from them inhabit our oral cavity almost all the time. Even if you brush your teeth very regularly, there are still some undesirable elements. It is important to start fighting against the first signal of plaque as soon as you notice it. That plaque is getting firmer and the rigid brown stains on teeth are produced. It’s possible to eliminate only at the dentist’s.

What Are the Reasons of Brownish Stains?

  • brown stains on teeth after bracesAs said before, one of the main reasons of plaque emergence is little pieces of food that stick between your teeth, round your gums and even inside of them. If you stop brushing your teeth, the layer of the brown stuff on them will be even. But when you know how to carry out basic daily hygiene rules, your cavity will possibly have troubles only in places that are difficult to reach with an ordinary brush.
  • Another reason of brown stains on teeth near gum line is the habit to chew the food using only one part of your mouth. In this case not all the teeth are interacted into the process of chewing and they don’t get cleaned either. People who prefer eating only soft food, should give up this habit and begin consuming more vegetables and fruits, nuts and grains.
  • The type of plaque that is very difficult to clean is the one in smokers’ mouths. His gums, dentin, cheeks are always having quite thin but visible scurf. It contains nicotine which tends to stick to the enamel. Even the best electric toothbrush is not capable of cleaning it. This entails the emergence of very unpleasant brownish stains on both sides of teeth. The professional whitening system is required in order to get rid of this mess.
  • Allergic reaction and metabolism disorder can also be the cause of thick dental plaque. This problem is observed when the water-salt balance is violated. The saliva of the healthy man has curable properties. It allows washing away any bacterial gatherings on the teeth. Unfortunately, if this balance is not fine, the saliva isn’t characterized with these features. In some cases it starts dissolving the enamel. The teeth can have invisible holes where random pathogenic bacteria can live and provoke caries.
  • The level of hormones can also affect what is going on with our mouth. This issue is especially relevant in teenagers as it’s the time when the body is changing very rapidly. The dentin is covered with microbes that release chlorophyll. It entails the teeth darkening.

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Teeth?

There are several rules on how to treat your oral cavity. Here are the main of them:

  1. brown stains on teeth near gumsIn order to eliminate brown stains on teeth you should use not only the toothbrush but also the floss. It is a special thread that goes between your teeth and cleans up the space over there making your oral care more deliberate. What is more, it is desirable to add some mouthwash to your daily routine.
  2. As a rule, people who take care of their smile and the well-being of their teeth, don’t neglect going to dentists. The teeth cleaning should be performed at least every year – the more frequent the better. The cavity is cleaned with special machines and new solutions. If the patient decides to clean his teeth on his own, he is risking spoiling his beautiful enamel irreversibly. By the way, home done procedures do not imply they are very effective.
  3. It is of common knowledge that smokers usually have very bad teeth. Brown stains on teeth from tea are also very common problem. Coffee drinkers always complain about the color of their dentin, too. All the coloring contents from these products create some sort of scurf that is very uncomfortable to remove. It can be destroyed only during the visit of a doctor. This plaque is blown colored and this is what makes it look very repelling.

Homemade Remedies

brown stuff on teethSome of the medicines for plaque made at home can be quite helpful. But they are allowed to use only if the patient has already visited the doctor. It is important to understand that these remedies have to be used very carefully as they are not the most harmless of all possible options for this ailment. The majority of recipes are based on using the lemon juice, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. They allow the teeth to become whites but it is only a temporary measure.

It would be wise to shorten the daily consumption of coffee, black tea, red wine and cigarettes so it is possible to give your enamel some rest from all these harmful substances. However, if you are not capable to do it, rinse your mouth with the special water after every cup of coffee or a glass of wine. The water must consist of warm water and 1 teaspoon of regular baking soda or 1 pill of activated carbon. Two pill of carbon are crashed and added to water. Such procedure will help to whiten your enamel very soon.

You should realize that initial reason of tooth color alteration is easier to prevent than to cure this difficult pathology in a very expensive way. It is a good habit to be very careful with the oral cavity, which needs to be implemented since early childhood.

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