8 Main Reasons for the Appearance of Brown Spots on Teeth


Brown spots on teeth are a common problem. They may occur in early childhood. To clean the plaque on the teeth it is necessary to understand its causes, to observe the rules of hygiene and to study the effective ways to deal with the problem.

Plaque is a special consistency of the smallest elements of the mucosa, food residues and a variety of beneficial bacteria. If you do not remove the plaque from the teeth in time, a dental calculus is formed

Brown spots on teeth cause accretion on the surface of the teeth and on the mucous tissues of the tongue and gums. There are the following types of accretion:

  • the teeth-gums type of plaque occurs on the visible surface of the teeth or in the area of the edge of the gum;
  • the under-gums type is formed in the subgingival region of gums;
  • the proximal type appears on areas which contact with food.

The basis of all types of accretion is water, which interacts with other substances and spoils the color of the enamel. Brown spots on teeth near gums occur due to the following reasons:

  1. brown spot on toothThe main reason is poor dental care or lack of it. The cleaning procedure should be performed twice a day. It is necessary to pay attention to the complex parts and the inner surface of the teeth.
  2. Food which is stuck between the teeth also contributes to the development of pigment film and especially in the gingival area. You need to use a dental thread to avoid such problems.
  3. Remember that the brown plaque on the teeth of a child appears when eating soft food. Solid food cleans the enamel.
  4. If you chew on one side, a dark plaque is formed on the other side.
  5. The formation of accretion may occur due to malocclusion, as well as diseases of the gums and teeth.
  6. Brown teeth are formed as a result of smoking or excessive consumption of coffee.
  7. Brown marks on teeth also appear with diseases of the digestive system or disorders of the endocrine system.
  8. It can also occur with hormonal failures and violations of the immune system.

How to Get Rid of Plaque?

Any pigment manifestations should be removed, as the accumulation of bacteria causes problems with the teeth. It is difficult to remove the plaque yourself, so you should perform a special cleaning at the dentist. Dental clinics offer various methods of plaque removal. Hardware methods, effective gels and professional cleaning are used. Laser cleaning or removal of dental plaque using ultrasound is especially popular. Removal of pigment film is performed in the following ways:

  • brown spots on teeth causesRemoval of accretion by mechanical means involves manual cleaning with a scaler or curette, as well as hardware cleaning using abrasive and other devices.
  • The chemical method involves the use of substances that soften the plaque. In this case, the chemical composition is applied to the enamel, then the drug is washed off, and the pigment layers are removed mechanically. After that, the enamel is polished, and the teeth are covered with varnish or gel containing fluorine.
  • The combined method involves the use of both chemical and mechanical methods.


After professional teeth cleaning, you should ask your doctor what to choose for hygienic procedures and prevention. If you do not follow the recommendations, the plaque appears again very quickly. Choose a whitening paste with abrasive properties. Also perform some additional care several times a week. It can be soda or activated carbon. What matters is proper nutrition:

  1. The diet should include cereals, nuts, cheese, apples and carrots.
  2. Consume less soft food, which does not contribute to the active production of saliva.

It is necessary to eliminate inflammation and malocclusion. You should also pass a full examination. Since plaque can appear in diseases of the internal organs. If the tap water is saturated with fluorine, do the following:

  1. bottled water
  2. use paste without fluoride.
  3. do not eat greasy fish.

Home Remedies

You can try to remove plaque from the teeth with the help of recipes of traditional medicine. Such methods are effective as prevention or in the initial stage of accretion formation. Consider the following tips:

  • brown spots on teeth home remediesAt home, baking soda is used. Do not abuse this substance, as in large quantities soda destroys tooth enamel. Use it once a week instead of your toothpaste. For the best effect add lemon juice to soda.
  • Use a brush with hard bristles.
  • There are many types of whitening pastes. When choosing it, follow the recommendations of your dentist. Do not be guided by advertising.
  • Reduce the consumption of strong tea and coffee. Rinse your mouth after drinking. A mixture of ordinary water and a spoon of soda is used as a solution for rinsing.
  • Rub your teeth with a powder of two tablets of activated carbon. This procedure can be performed every two days.
  • Toothpaste has whitening properties. After rubbing, leave it on the teeth surface for 15 minutes and then wash off with water.
  • Massage with salt. In this case, the teeth are cleaned for a few minutes. This massage is done within a few weeks. Perform it once a week for prevention.
  • Make a solution from walnut bark. Put the raw material in cold water and put it on fire. Boil for a few minutes. Rinse your mouth with this solution for a few minutes.
  • Prepare a special mixture of bleaching powder, soda, sea salt and crushed activated carbon tablets. Use instead of toothpaste.

Clean your teeth properly and you would have nice smile!

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