How to Get Rid from Blister on Gum?


Appearance of a transparent or purulent pimple on the gum area often causes anxiety. What is a blister on the gums? The formation can be single, multiple with different shapes, sizes and even colors. They are characterized as an inflammatory process, accompanied with pain, temperature, or without any symptoms.

Causes of Formations

Many patients who do not feel pain or other changes in the body do not hurry to see a doctor. However, a small-looking blister on gum can be a serious problem. There are many causes of blisters associated with a number of diseases. The blister on gum under tooth is a fistula or a lump composed of fatty tissue. The formation of blisters with a liquid of transparent, white or reddish color  can occur at any age due to the development of pyogenic microorganisms. The main causes of formations include such 3 diseases as caries, pulpitis, periodontitis:

  1. blister on gum causesInflammation of the hard tissues of the tooth with suppuration of the inner part of the tooth is called caries. Carious bacteria destroy the tooth from the inside.
  2. The affected tissue in the dental area is periodontitis. The disease is  characterized by infection from the teeth damaged by caries or adjacent organs (maxillary sinuses). In some situations, they appear as a result of injury (mechanical, chemical), which refers to the traumatic type of disease. The form of medical periodontitis is determined by the disturbed process of treatment.
  3. Complications in untreated caries, in particular the accumulation and penetration of pus to the pulp, belong to the pulpitis. It is necessary to seal the internal cavity and remove the infected nerve. Otherwise, the infection will penetrate to the bone with soft tissues surrounding the tooth.

Treatment of Blister on Gum near Tooth

In the process of maturation of blisters and fistulas, patients usually feel pulsating pain. After the burst of the purulent blister on gum treatmentcanal the pain is reduced with the reduction of swelling.

Treatment is carried out with the neutralization of the infectious focus, filling the channels damaged by caries in the inner part of the tooth. The fistula canal is opened with an increase in temperature, pain, swelling, purulent filling of the gums. Before the procedure, an x-ray is done to determine the presence of cystic or granuloma formation. Treatment procedures are carried out to ensure the outflow of fluid from the granuloma, or the cyst is removed and the tooth is sealed. The external formation is opened on the gum from the outer part of it. Inside formation is treated from the internal part. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the tooth to perform the treatment. When the fistula is opened, the open wound is left. Then it is disinfected with strips, contributing to the rapid removal of accumulated fluid, and physiotherapy, treating of the inflammation.

Cleaning of microbes is carried out with additional treatment, such as washing the fistula canal with a disinfecting solution, or applying pastes, gels of antibacterial action. After the swelling and redness disappear, the focal place gradually heal, and a temporary seal is put in the tooth canal. After ten days, in the absence of signs of infection, a permanent seal is placed.

Folk Remedies in Treatment of a Blister on Gum behind Tooth

blister on gum after bracesFolk remedies can be used in the stage of inflammation as a way to counteract the infection. Many drugs of natural origin have antibacterial properties and are able to prevent the further spread of infections. Warm decoctions, baths with plants such as eucalyptus, calendula and others are used for the treatment of fistula inflammation. For disinfection, propolis, colloidal silver and other herbal remedies are effective. After the elimination of inflammation the carious canal should be cleaned and sealed. If you do not treat caries, in the future there will be destruction of teeth, repeated inflammation of the gums and the appearance of blisters.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the appearance of a blister on the gum should not be treated independently without determining the cause. It is not recommended to apply warm objects to the inflamed place, which only enhance the inflammatory process. Do not take medicines without a doctor’s prescription.

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