Things You Can Do if Your Gums Are Bleeding


Bleeding is the most common symptom of serious gum disease which should not be ignored. If the gums began to bleed, then it seems to be open for all pathogenic bacteria. Curing of the bleeding gums is not advised to be done on your own. The dentist will be able to make a decision on how to stop the red liquid and to make the gums healthy later on.In case you want to postpone and buy medications yourself, blood can grow into gingivitis or periodontitis, and the treating of these diseases is much more complex and prolonged. You obviously have to make an appointment with your dentist if you have noticed at least one of the signs:

  • bleeding gums after cleaningblood while consuming food;
  • puffed gums, reddened, even behind the tooth;
  • teeth began to stagger;
  • unpleasant breath.

Usually the signs above tell us about the presence of gun ailment. When you notice several symptoms at once, then you just need the advice of a doctor who is going to say how to cure blood in the shortest possible time.

How to Stop the Blood?

Of course, it is better not to allow bleeding, that is, not to expose them to mechanical damage and provoke the growth of inflammatory diseases. Remember to brush your teeth systematically. But if the problem has already arisen, the following methods will help to stop it:

  1. apply a tea bag to bleeding gums after cleaning them;
  2. apply a cotton pad moistened with hydrogen peroxide;
  3. anoint the gums with a special gel.

If you bleed slightly, you can use a tea bag. Wet tea bag (better to use green tea) must be applied to damaged and wretched gums. The tea leaf contains tannic acid, that promotes blood clotting. If you hold a tea bag for 5-15 min, the blood will stop going, and the wound will quickly be healed. The ordinary 3-percent solution of hydrogen peroxide will assist at ceasing the blood oozing. Attach the wetted in hydrogen peroxide fleece to the bleeding wound on the gums and hold there for a few minutes. Hydrogen peroxide will quickly stop the bleeding, and also serve as an wonderful cleanser and disinfectant, which will not allow to infect the wound and entail inflammation.

Medicines in gel would be helping to cope with blood leaking. The gel allows the med to envelop the gum with a protective pellicle that not only stops bleeding quickly, but also fights bacteria and inflammatory process.

How to Get Rid of Bleeding?

bleeding gums after eatingIf you suffer from blood in your mouth, the curing consists of a few components. First of all, the dentist will advise you on the way to do hygienic procedures better and more carefully, so as not to scratch the gums. The attention must be paid to the toothpaste sick man uses. Whitening toothpastes cannot be used, as they are quite aggressive and can entail soreness, and bleeding gums in the morning and evening. You are to use special toothpastes for sensitive gums, they clean the most carefully from plaque, and their constituent herbal extracts allow you to forget inflammatory process and bleeding quickly and effectively.

If you suffer from blood in gums, the way they should be treated can only be decided by a doctor. It is him who will be able to distinguish simple bleeding from inflammation, which demands considerable and prolonged treatment. The dentist will determine how to cure the illness in your particular case. You mustn’t blindly copy those recommendations your friends or relatives gave you because you can have a completely different gum disease and a completely different medications will be needed. Follow three basic rules:

  • brush the teeth systematically with not rough toothbrush and a special toothpaste;
  • minimize the consumption of carbohydrates and sweets;
  • visit the dentist not less than once in six months.

Following these simple rules will help keep you safe from being sick for a long time. To quickly get rid of bleeding gums after eating, you should also use special balms for rinsing the cavity. They include some extracts of flowers, roots and  herbs, as well as chlorhexidine, which have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Stages of Treatment

The curing of bleeding gums is usually carried out in several stages:

  1. bleeding gums in the morningFirstly, the dentist must find out the reason you are ill and make the correct diagnosis.
  2. Then he will prescribe special treatment, which usually consists of taking antibiotics, the use of local anti-inflammatory meds, along with rinsing the oral cavity with special decoctions. It is also possible to conduct treatment with homemade remedies.
  3. Eventually, the patient must pay a visit to doctor to monitor the condition a few weeks after.

Usually, the treatment of inflammatory process and blood in gums lasts for several weeks. After this period, the doctor must necessarily examine the patient’s mouth and decide on the completion or further continuation of treatment until the symptoms of the disease disappear.

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