How to Perform First Aid if Bleeding Don’t Stop after Baby Tooth Fallen Out?


Parents often feel happy their baby’s first tooth erupts, then the second and so on. Every new tooth is a joy for the mom. The baby will grow up, and sooner or later the child’s first milk tooth will fall out. In this article you can find answers to many questions that may arise.


Loose tooth is often very interesting for the child. The baby wants to touch it. How parents should behave in such a situation:

  1. Ibleeding after baby tooth falled outf you notice that the baby’s tooth will soon come out, be sure to tell him about what should happen. Explain that there is nothing wrong with that. In place of the fallen tooth a new, stronger tooth will grow.
  2. It is very important to explain to the child that he/she should not touch the tooth with his/her hands. Kids quite often do it, especially when the teeth begin to stagger. It’s so interesting and incomprehensible. Try to explain clearly that the child can bring the infection. The baby should understand that this can lead to the development of inflammation and cause pain.
  3. You need to be prepared that there will be bleeding after baby tooth falls out. The main thing is not to panic. Make sure the baby doesn’t get scared. To stop the blood, use soda solution (a teaspoon for the glass of warm water). Let the baby rinse the mouth until the wound stops bleeding.
  4. Do not give your child anti-inflammatory drugs or analgesics. They’re not necessary.

When there Is Bleeding after Baby Tooth Falls Out?

Parents should be prepared for the fact that there may be bleeding when baby teeth fall out. This is normal. It is important for the parents to know how to behave in such a situation. Sometimes the blood coagulates quickly enough, the wound closes and the baby does not even notice that something happened. Sometimes you need to perform certain procedures to stop the bleeding. There are cases when you can not do it at home, and have to take the baby to the doctor. The formation of a blood clot after baby tooth fell out is also a natural thing.

What else can parents do:

  • bleeding after baby tooth falls out causesThe first thing you can do is to give the child a piece of cotton wool. Let him put it to the place of the fallen tooth.
  • Some people advise to rinse the mouth with peroxide, as it has a disinfecting effect. However, it will not have the proper effect and will only irritate to the wound.
  • The most effective means to stop bleeding and relieve inflammation is rinsing the oral cavity with soda solution.
  • In rare cases it may happen that you will not be able to stop the blood. In this case you should visit a doctor immediately. Perhaps the process of clotting is violated or is there some other factor that prevents it.
  • There are cases when a child could accidentally swallow a fallen tooth. If the child does not have complaints about the health, the tooth will come out naturally. But still it is recommended to visit the doctor to make sure that the tooth fell out completely, and its residue is not stuck in the gum.

What to Do with the Dallen Milk Tooth?

bleeding after baby tooth falls out treatmentToday, it is popular to create stories, a fairy tales or rituals after the loss of the milk tooth. They say that in the first falls the worst and unnecessary tooth. It is believed that it should be buried deep into the ground. This procedure will allow the rest of the teeth to be much stronger and healthier.

It is your choice what to say to your child. It all depends on how developed your imagination is. Take into account the psycho-emotional state of your baby. It is important that the child is not afraid and realizes that a new tooth will grow in place of the lost one, which will be even better. In addition, you can tell and show your own teeth and explain that in childhood you also had milk teeth that were replaced by the strong and health molars. The child will accept this event easier.

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