Black Spots on Tooth – Is It a Reason for Seeing a Doctor?


In the given article we will consider the appearance of black spots on teeth, the causes of this defect and treatment. Is that a reason for panic? Can it be regarded as just an aesthetic trouble or it is a result of various pathological processes in the mouth? Achieving a white smile requires daily efforts, compliance with hygienic rules, proper care and timely visits to the dentist. It is the only way to be sure that various defects will not appear suddenly and will not ruin the shining appearance.

The Causes of Black Spots on Teeth

Among the factors that affect the shade of enamel are numerous different causes, both external and internal. We will consider the most common among them:

  • black spots on teethlack of proper hygiene and thorough care of the oral cavity lead to the formation of plaque and subsequent gradual destruction of the tissues
  • bad habits, like smoking, create not only a plaque of unpleasant tinge, but in general adversely affect the health of the entire oral cavity;
  • frequent consumption of colored beverages and foods (coffee, black tea, soda, etc.) – they are able to stain the enamel and change its natural shade, which requires frequent bleaching;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; it leads to disruption of acid-base balance and results in the destruction of the enamel, increasing sensitivity and change in natural shade;
  • copper or other metal items in your mouth (fillings, dentures) in the oxidation or allergic reactions can change the color of the dentition; that particularly concerns black spots on teeth after braces;
  • the emergence of enamel erosion requiring immediate correction and the use of additional therapeutic procedures;
  • pathological processes as a result of infection of the hard tissues, the incipient caries;
  • prolonged use of certain antibiotics (particularly tetracycline);
  • the work at harmful industrial enterprises, when a person constantly have to breathe the acid fumes, heavy metals, etc.;
  • impaired nutrition, metabolism, and a fondness of bad food, frequent consumption of sugar and sweets, which leads to accelerated destruction of the hard tissues.

So, what do black spots on teeth near gum line mean? In some cases, it testifies only to some aesthetic defects, but not caries that can be bleached with the help of professional treatment. But most often they indicate the beginning of the problems – the dental plaque or stone, other deposits, pathological changes in the tissues and even the disruption of the internal organs.

If little black spots on tooth near gum have appeared recently and they are few, then most likely it is a sign of the deposited plaque which you can get rid of via thorough hygienic procedure, or in the dentist’s office.

Black Spots in Children

The problem of the appearance of black spots on the enamel is most frequently experienced by children. In some of them even first coming teeth are immediately covered with spots and defects. Besides the fact that this is evidence of internal disorders or the appearance of caries, there may be other causes:

  1. black spots on tooth after bracesgenetic predisposition, hereditary factors;
  2. the result of taking certain medicines by a pregnant woman;
  3. disturbed intestinal flora of the oral cavity or gastrointestinal tract;
  4. acute shortage of calcium in the body of the child;
  5. the lack of careful care of teeth;
  6. problems with the thyroid gland;
  7. enamel hypoplasia, etc.

One should not ignore such situations because there is always some reason for teeth blackening. To eliminate this factor is essential before permanent teeth appear. For this purpose, you should visit a dentist, pediatrician, gastroenterologist and possibly other doctors.

Spots of Different Tinge

In addition to black spots there may appear those of different shade. They also should not be ignored. What might they mean? The presence of yellow enamel or some of its parts indicates the formation of plaque. It may appear as a result of the consumption of colored food, drinks, smoking or even bad care of the tooth surface. Sometimes spots come from taking medications. In this case they cannot be removed by means of cleaning or even professional bleaching. White spots emerge as a result of fluorosis, which indicates an elevated level of fluoride in hard tissues and requires correction.

What Is to Be Done?

To remove the black or any other unnatural shade of enamel you need to go to the dentist who will determine what exactly affected the tissue. Only if the root cause is known, we can talk about targeted treatment. In various cases doctors apply the relevant methods:

  • black spots on tooth near gum lineAt the initial stage of caries, the doctor will process the affected area and, if necessary, fill the cavity.
  • The lack of calcium or other substances is filled by fluoridation and remineralization carried out at the doctor’s office.
  • If the lesion has reached the inner areas, you must have the pulp removed. That will save the tooth, but only for a while.

So, what is to be done to prevent such defects? It is sufficient to clean the mouth twice a day using suitable means, to pay attention to the areas between the teeth, on your gum (black spots can appear there too), rinse your mouth after every meal and visit a dentist twice a year, undergoing medical examinations. Any disease is much easier to prevent than to cure the consequences of neglect.

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