Abscess on Gum: How can I Choose the Right Treatment?


abscess on gum with white headThe suppuration on the gum, which is accompanied by acute and prolonged pain, is a symptom of a serious infection – tooth abscess. The source of the disease is mostly concentrated at the root of the tooth, but it is easily extended on other teeth if the treatment isn’t provided in time. It also may affect the bone of the lower jaw. As this ailment is characterized by some sort of infection, its sequel of abscess on gum is dangerous not only for the teeth of patient, but for his life as well.

Symptoms and Traits of Abscess

If you discover you have abscess on gum with white head, puffed and red spots, and it hurts to touch this place with the toothbrush, you need to contact the doctor immediately. Temperature rising, sleep and appetite disorder, changes in your emotional condition are the signs of infection which the patient should not ignore and react quickly. It’s possible to ascertain the ailment with the presence of the following traits:

  • abscess on gum after extraction Acute pulsing pain;
  • High body temperature;
  • Teeth sensitivity;
  • Gum and lymph node inflammation;
  • Unpleasant breath;
  • Bitter taste;
  • Open sores on gum;
  • Face tissues swelling.

What Causes the Abscess?

The gum inflammation can be experienced due to not keeping to personal hygiene rules (using the toothbrush of other people, not brushing the teeth regularly) and after attending a non-professional dentist (for example, while extracting the wisdom tooth).

The reason why this pimple is developed in your mouth is a bacteria, living on the tooth surface and in oral cavity. They can get into the patient’s body during the surgery in mouth cavity because of hygiene rules violation (using non-sterile surgery tools and materials, not keeping the surgery room clean enough. People with pathologically weakened immune system are especially dangerous to get this illness.  Sufferers from the diabetes and cancer diseases are also considered very risky. Moreover, if you have one of the following pathologies, you are prone to getting complication:

  1. carious damage, chips, cracks;
  2. periodontosis;
  3. gingivitis.

If the patient has got chronic tonsillitis, there’s a big chance of getting the abscess develop too much and provoke complications. That happens because there is always bacterial flora present inside the body.

Types of Abscesses?

abscess on gum after root canalWhile classifying this illness, the localization of the inflammatory process, the source of infection and the traits of ongoing inflammation are taken into consideration.

  • periodontal abscess is localized between the gum and the dental crown;
  • periapical is situated inside the tooth.

Periodontal abscess may occur in acute or chronic form. In the first case, the patient feels pain when closing the dental crowns, and suppuration appears on the oral surface of the gums. The chronic form is characterized  by the formation of a fistula, with bright symptoms characteristic of an acute abscess. Periapical abscess in some cases is a neglected form of periodontal. The pus accumulates around the root (around its  upper part) and begins to destroy the bone tissue, spread under the skin or under the mucosa, as it couldn’t find the exit hole.

Abscess on Gum After Extraction?

After the removal of the tooth, gums and cheeks can begin purulent abscess on the injured areas of the tissues of the oral cavity. An unhealed wound is a favorable environment for the development of bacteria, so abscess is quickly formed in its place or in the depth of the tooth pocket. The pus can “spill” into soft tissues in the absence of appropriate treatment. The same can be applied to abscess on gum after root canal after its inflammation.

The patient’s negligent attitude to the doctor’s recommendations is the most seen cause of the abscess after tooth extraction. The procedures assigned to them should be strictly carried out, otherwise repeated surgery cannot be avoided.

If the process is started, even very strong antibiotics are helpless. Therapeutic measures are aimed at the removal of purulent formations. They consist of opening and cleansing the abscess cavity with subsequent anti-inflammatory therapy.

Preventing and Curing Abscesses

If everyday hygiene is any indication, the preventing measures may include regular dentist appointments. It’s a rear practice but still happens sometimes: the pimple in your gum can diminish its size without any meds. Even pain is temporarily eliminated. Remember that even then you can’t avoid visiting doctor. The ailment will be constantly developing without doctor consult. Any type of abscess must be treated under professional doctor’s supervision. Only in such case you have a chance to keep a tooth, liquidate the source and prevent the following development of the illness.

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